Notes For 13th May

  • Just one day back at work and I’m already tired & bored. I did a presentation as part of a certification and then went to read my one week’s worth of office email and as I was about to leave, I got a call for a last minute report! I wanted to leave by 6pm and ended up leaving onlly by 7:25 pm. What’s new?
  • As I expected, the day that I am back to work, I get a little ill. Nothing major though, just a little sore throat that’s making me drink lots of hot water & coffee.
  • Nothing’s changed work wise but it seemed to me that the office looked a bit different. There were just some decorations left over from last Saturday’s quarterly Rewards & Recognitions event but that was minimal. The place did look different to me.
  • I reached home and had a coffee and a little snack and that was it for me – I could not do anything else, I just wanted to hit the sack. My mind felt blurred and I was tired and sleepy.
  • I tried watching an episode or two of Angel but my eyes kept shutting down and I quit trying to watch and went to sleep.