My Room, My World

I think or rather I know that its pathetic & sad but my room is my world. The majority of my world because even if I spend anything between 9-11 hours at the office, there is no way that I can consider it to be my world. Not this job anyway and certainly not this company. But my room is my world. It’s where I retreat to every evening and every day that I am not working.

It’s a small room. Very small. I have a queen sized bed, a chair & a small computer table (with a computer ofcourse), a steel cupboard & a built in cupboard, a small stool on which a tv, that I never use, rests, a clothes stand and a carton of some old stuff parked in one corner. That’s it! There is nothing else in here. Oh me ofcourse! That’s a given.

My bed, pushed against a wall, is kinda hard and I have an extra mattress propped against the wall & the bed, kept there in case a cousin who needs to sleep over comes along. My bed usually has some cds, dvds & books lying on one side, the side next to the wall, on it. This is because I am a bachelor and I do not need the extra space, as big as I am.

My room is where I escape to at the end of my work day. The place where I spend the majority of my free time. I read and write here. I surf the net, visit other people’s blogs, I dream that I had a better life – one in which I am not so lonely that I have to escape to my room. I dream & come up with various science fiction plots here. I call my friends from here. I think of days gone by and think what will be here. This is where I listen to my songs ans sing along with them and play the world’s best Air Guitar in. This is my world.

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And to quote Bon Jovi, this is where “I dream about movies they won’t make of me when I’m dead”!

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