Named After Me

Astronomers would like to have a planet named after them. Or Maybe a moon or a star. Or a comet or an asteroid. Hell, if you are really good then maybe a constellation. So would astronauts. Maybe a huge section of a planet.

Lawyers would like a legal strategy named after them. Chefs would like a dish named after them. Or if you are a bartender, then a cocktail. Or even a whole brand of alcohol.

If you are a sportsman or woman you would like a trophy or a tournament or an arena named after you.

If you are a musician – an award or a musical technique would be nice. Maybe a studio.

The same for movie directors, producers & actors. Although it would be a style of ending or a twist in the plot.

Like authors – awards, grants, theaters & writing styles.

But would you want a disease named after you? Not me

Like Lou Gehrig, Burrill Bernard Crohn or Thomas Hodgkin?

Here’s a list of eponymous diseases!