Stanley Cup Finals 2008 Set

So the best team in the west (and in the league going by their points) meets the best in the east. The most consistent team in the league for the last three years meets the most exciting team (both according to some). The tough as nails Detroit Red Wings meets the youthful & soaring Pittsburgh Penguins. I suppose most neutral hockey fans will be predicting a Red Wings win because of their combines experience and maturity.

Just as I am sure that most neutral hockey fans will also be secretly be supporting the Penguins because of the exciting hockey that they play and for the play of young stars Evegeni Malkin, Jordan Staal & Marc-Andre Fleury. Or some will be rooting for the grizzled veteran warrior in Gary Roberts. Or for defence specialist Darry Sydor and tough guy Georges Laraque.

But most will be rooting for the Penguins just for the reason that they lay claim to these two words – Sidney Crosby!