Friends Season 3

Season 3 starts off with what the guys thinks is the ultimate Sci-Fi fantasy (Princess Leia in the golden bikini) and they learn a valuable lesson – that girls talk! Ross gets upset that no one is getting ready for his big banquet at the museum. A lonely Monica tries to get over Richard by making a lot of jam and then thinks that she should become a mother to fill the void in her life. Phoebe finds out that she has a half-brother, who she initially has trouble bonding with. Chandler gets back together with Janice but finds out that she is also seeing her estranged husband. Rachel finally quits her job as a waitress and Mark comes into her life with a job in the fashion industry and that Ross gets jealous of her new friend. They take a break and a drunk Ross sleeps with the cute copy girl. Joey gets mad at Chandler because the latter fooled around with Joey’s sister and he doesn’t remember which one. Monica & Richard start being friends again and have a casual fling. Phoebe is disappointed when her old friend sells her out and sells Smelly Cat as a jingle to make money. Monica has to work at a small diner to make ends meet, where she wears fake boobs and a blond wig. Joey & Chandler adopt a chick & a duck. Monica stars dating a rich guy who wants to become the UFC champion. And finally Phoebe takes them all out to find out more about her dad and instead finds out her real mom. When Ross brings his new date along, Rachel realizes that she still has feelings for him.

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