Pinkish-Red & White

Litchi is a fruit that I did not like much when I was younger. I have had the fruit, had litchi flavoured ice cream and the juice. Ice cold litchi juice from Tropicana is my favourite way to have the fruit. It’s not unlike grapes, although it should be more like a big grape, and the inside or the ‘meat’ as it is often termed as, is a bit like the grape without the skin! The inside layer of sweet, translucent white flesh is rich in vitamin C. It seems that the litchi or lychee is native to China and also found in India, Northern Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia & Taiwan. Much more recently it has been grown in parts of the US like Florida, California & Hawaii and also in parts of Australia. I was chatting with my friend Kristen this morning about litchis and started getting a hunger / thirst for it. So on my way home, I bought a pack of Tropicana’s Litchi Juice. Drink up!

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Going Out On Sunday

Woke up this morning a little emotionally spent after Vidya’s send off at the office and knowing how this is going to affect the other two members of the ‘Powerpuff Girls’. And me!

I sat chatting with both Kannanchettan and Arun and seperately with Kristen the great buck howard movie . I was content to just be lazy and stay in my room but by 12 pm I was getting restless and so I showered and headed out. Had a triple sec coffee at CCD and started reading Hearts In Atlantis by Stephen King. It’s going good so far. I also had a brownie over there, listening to saxophone versions of popular older hit songs from the 80s and soundless F1 trials.

I then headed out to Penta Menaka & bought some dvds at Cinema Paradiso. There was a family in there who took up most of the space in the tiny store. While I was browsing through their latest collections, a group of annoying, stupid & moronic guys came in. They must have been in college and they were loud and dumb, going through some dvd titles and reading them stupidly! They were in for about 10 minutes and the stares from the other patrons & the store’s staff made them vamoose!

I bought copies of I Am Legend, Lars And The Real Girl, Knocked Up and some concert dvds of Shania Twain, Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Metallica & Dream Theatre. Awesome list if you ask me. Oh, you weren’t asking? Well, I wasn’t telling you!

I then felt hungry and a quick look at the clock let me know that it was 2.25 pm and so I went over to Oberois and had a plate of mixed noodles, garlic pork along with some MGM Apple Kiz vodka. It tastes better and better with every sip. As I sipped, ate and read my book, I also listened to the conversations around me, particularly one at the next table as a guy was relating an incident he had with the cops a couple of nights back to his two companions. It seems that the fine Kerala police are harassing the good citizens of Cochin for the heinous crime of……..driving home from work after putting in some extra hours. Not drunk driving folks, just driving home late, around 10 pm in fact! no traffic violations, no nothing. Its been going on a bit lately.