Debit Card Lost

I lost my ICICI debit card and now I am stuck without being unable to withdraw any cash from my account. Not having withdrawn cash the old traditional way (standing in a fucking line for an hour or waiting your turn while they call out your token number, once you have given then your withdrawal slip and your bank account book) for over 4 years, I can’t imagine doing that again.

I was on my way out to have a quite afternoon, having some coffee, drinks & good food, when I had to make a stop at the ATM first. It was only there that I noticed that my debit card was missing. I panicked and began frantically searching my wallet and pockets in vain – it was gone! I must have left it at the CorpBank ATM counter last Wednesday evening; I had stopped there on my way home that night to see if I could get money out of that bank’s ATM. Well, I could and I forgot my card in the process. What a loser I am!

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I have made calls to the bank and they have blocked it for me. I have already applied for a replacement card which I can only get in 10 working days. I have to go down over there tomorrow evening and see if they can get me an InstaCard.

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