Two Planets

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I just love this beautiful, surreal & thought provoking image of a jean clad chic walking on a desolate area and the two planets huge on the horizon. I have always believed that a picture can tell a 1000 words just like music without words can still say a whole lot more.

Hat tip to TechnoDoll who originally posted it on her blog. Thanks for sharing the image dear Techno.


I’m so angry. I came home and screamed a bit. I played a couple of songs on winamp, played them on Youtube and increased the volume and screamed the lyrics. I am so angry that I could actually kill a person. The target of my anger is the asshole moron who insulted my department & me so casually because he is from the corporate team and he is in operations. What a scum bucket! I lost my cool but I had to control it again as I didn’t want to lose all control. And the fact is that he has the luxury of doing absolutely nothing! All he does is sit all say and push his weight around and surf the net for the latest stock market details. And they let him do it! Cause he knows how to suck & he blows. Asshole!

Time Isn’t On My Side

Where did all those days go? In the proverbial blink of an eye. I can’t believe that it is June already! Time is flying in at warp 10 speed! It’s almost mid-2008!

This year has flown by compared to all the other years that I can remember. It seems just like a couple of weeks ago that we were getting ready for an official visit by the company CEO (his first to the Cochin branch) and that was 26 or 28th of December! So many things have happened since then but I just can’t believe that we have crammed all that stuff into these days. But who knew that time was flowing by.

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And I dreaded the onset of June for a very personal reason. I should say 90% personal. I just can’t believe that it has been a year since she came into my life. Where did all that time go? Is it just me or are days, weeks, months, years shorter than they used to be? Are we being shortchanged? Pretty soon I’ll be of retirement age and then I’ll wither for a few more short years and then kick the bucket!