Couldn’t Be Much More From The Heart

First released in 1991 along with Metallica’s Black album and released as a single & in video form in 1992, this song just keeps hitting you in the heart. Still surreal after 17 years. It’s true : Nothing Else Matters.

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Am I Taken 4 Granted?

I don’t know if I am imagining it but am I being taken for granted by the woman I love but who I have never told my true feelings to? Yes its true that I haven’t spoken to her about the way I feel about her. I know she will have to leave in a couple of months and go back to her home city. The last few days have been difficult for me. First we spoke about her having to leave soon. That was difficult and it broke my heart. Then after a brief argument with some asshole at the office, it led to us speaking about some of the atrocities happening against some of us in our department. The next day, after thinking about it for a while, I told her that I won’t be going for the program in Bangalore as I plan to leave as soon as I can. She turned cold at once and for a long time that day, we avoided each other. Then later, she told me that she understood and respected the fact that I had spoken to her first.

But now she seems to have grown distant once again. I dunno if it’s because of her family issues. But for something that I was helping her with, I sent her 3 messages in detail, plus one joke, on Sunday and all I got was a brief ‘Ok’ in return. Then I came in today and learnt that she was going to have to move from the house that she & her mom were renting because the owners are creating some issue. Is that the reason? But even more as the day went along, I got this feeling that I am taken for granted and my feelings don’t matter anymore. But it’s not as if we r lovers or that I have spoken about it to her. But still, I believe that I have always been there for her, yet I feel so unwanted.

the octagon movie download I sent her a message this evening as I was heading home in the bus. She had sent a message to all in her team thanking us for celebrating her 5 year anniversary at this company, with a cake. A celebration, as small as it was, that was arranged by me. She had known about it. So I sent her an sms back. I got no reply back even though it warranted one. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want her to worship at my feet and say ‘thanks’ a 100 times. It’s just that she seems distant from me. I don’t know why. I feel like I can’t stay there much anymore, so it would be good if I could find another job soon. But I will miss her a lot.