Hair Apparent

What do you call have a bunch of rabbits, standing in a line, hopping backwards? A receding ‘hare line’! Yuck, yuck! Lol!

With that bit of PJ eloquence out of the way, the subject of hair is what I want to blog about. Ever since the age of 28, I started noticing that my prominent forehead was getting more and more prominent as the months went by. Not just that, I also have a balding spot on the top/back of my head. This is not acceptable at all! The problem is that my hair is very light & straight and I am susceptible to dandruff and my goddamn family has a overwhelming history of male pattern baldness! The odds are against me.

The last few weeks I have also been noticing something – gray in my beard! Holy cow, I’m not yet 32! It’s not noticeable, except when I stare at myself in the mirror. And it’s just three single strands, that no one else has been able to find. I stress, you wouldn’t be able to see it, unless I pointed it out to you. And plus, I shave every two days. But it’s still scary.

I also have two silver nostril hairs. Disgusting!! ROTFLOL

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