Anil Leaves

Today would be Anil’s final day in the city before he left for his hometown of Thrissur. And next Friday he would be on a train to Delhi and a new job with a new bigger profile. This is good news for him and Madhu & I are happy for him. Sad that we are saying bye to our friend but happy that he is on the verge of being well settled with an important job and more importantly more money.

So we needed to have one last evening of getting together before he had to take his leave. We met up at Barista and after some coffee we headed out to the new roof top garden restaurant @ Mercy Estate. It really is a wonderful setting; lush green lawns, big umbrella protected tables with comfortable chairs, a beautiful swimming pool, a play area for the kids and scrumptious food. It was quite expensive really but worth it for the occasion. We only had two fried rice plates, with a chilly fish & a butter paneer for dinner, with an appetizer of french fries and the three of us split 2 beers among ourselves. We ended the night with cokes and it cost it upwards of Rs.800! It’s not a place to come often but it would a nice place to have a family party.

We said our goodbyes and Anil dropped me home with a promise to try and come by on Wednesday evening, so I can burn a whole lot of my mp3s into a couple of dvds for him to take on his new journey unto a new life. Madhu & I have promised Anil that we would try to come by and visit him in 3 months time and take a trip out to Shimla for a week. Hope we can do it.

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