Dutch Delight So Far @ Euro2008

The Dutch national side have been, so far, the best side at the currently progressing Euro 2008 held in Switzerland & Austria. The Dutch have scored 7 goals and conceded just one in beating two normal powerhouses in France & Italy. Dutch captain Edwin Van der Sar (Manchester United goalie) isn’t being carried away with the talks of a possible triumph for his side but it’s hard not to get caught up in the goals frenzy. Along with Spain and Portugal, they are now favourites to lift the title, with their vast array of forwards in sublime form and their often suspect defence holding up in their opening two matches.Dirk Kuyt had opened the scoring against France with a simple header from a corner in the eighth minute, but it was after the break that the Oranje really put on a show as France pushed forward and left gaps at the back. Second-half substitutes Arjen Robben and Robin van Persie exposed the French by finishing off flowing team moves in some style, before Wesley Sneijder added gloss in injury time with a trademark strike from long range.

Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Giovanni van Bronckhorst & Sneijder scored the goals in the first game against world champions Italy. It’s performances like these that have Dutch chicks , like the one below, all smiles!

What You Wish For

I was thinking about all the things that I want and what I wouldn’t do to have them. To let you know what it is that I want, it’s pretty simple : I want a well paying job and be very comfortable financially, I want a small but cozy house, I want my perfect woman to fall in love with me and we get married, live a happy life with her, get a puppy or two and finally have kids of our own, raise them and then die a happy content man.

I am so far away from that dream that I have no clue as to when I get it. Now, when I see people who seem to have what they wanted or are close to having what they wish for, I feel a bit jealous and a bit envious. But sometimes it just isn’t what its cracked up to be. I met my uncle and aunt today, who were speaking to me about their son, my cousin. To the outsider, he has got what he wanted. He wanted to live & work in the US and a few years back (1999?) he got what he wanted : the software & networking company that he was working for placed him in the US and he was quite happy to be there. He settled in quickly, or atleast I think, buying a house a couple of years later, joining the local Malayalee Association and making friends. He never had any trouble making friends anywhere he went. But he lives alone and not all seems to be rosy.

I recently found out that he has had some lady trouble and is probably lonely because of that. His employers seem to take him for granted and pile him with work and more work. His mom told me today that when they went to visit him, she saw that he has a huge cupboard filled with books and suitcases filled with comics. When she asked him, since he was always quite busy, if he had read any of them, he replied that he had and that he had read some more than once or twice. How he finds time to read them, I have no idea. I have a guess how and where he does but the fact is that he lives in the US and he should be having a ball as most Indians would think but truth is that he is not.

Not with his work. It seems that he noted once that he was so frustrated that he wanted to take his car and run it straight against a brick wall or a building and crash it. Why would he want to do that?