1000 Posts

I’ve made it to 1000 posts at Awake & Dreaming.org and it took me just a little under a year and a half. I’ve deleted quite a few (I think that had the deleted ones also been published I would actually be at 1041 posts) but I’m only looking at published ones. And ofcourse I have blogged a whole lot more at my two previous blogs in Blogger.com, so 1000 is not really a big deal for me. However, when I think about it Awake & Dreaming.org download banana joe online is my heart & soul. I have poured everything of me into it and it’s a true representative of who & what I am. Reaching the 1000 posts mark is therefore a big deal for me in that regard. The format will largely remain unchanged. But I have a new project also running side-by-side, which will not be at this url but at another one. Anyway, here’s to the next 1000, starting with this announcement and a self-pat on the back