Idiots In All Places

One of the saddest things to happen in recent memory was the passing away of my grandmother. At her funeral I was with my cousins and we were all nostalgic about our favourite memories about her and we spoke about them. I was also hoping that things would go smoothly; I am always weary about too many people or ‘experts’ claiming that things should be done in such & such manner or else, heaven forbid, the sky may crumble down on our heads! I usually try to avoid such ‘politics’ and religious naysayers and keep to myself or stick close to my cousins.

But yesterday, I happen to get a bit of a shock – some guy came and punched me in the belly! If that wasn’t rude enough, he comment on my weight and said that I have to do something about it! Eh, okay motherfucker now how about something to be done on your manners, was what I wanted to say! I also wanted to smash the asshole’s face in. I was about to say something back, when he asked me if I remembered who he was! I didn’t, although his face was somewhat familiar. Turns out he is my mom’s brother’s bro-in-law. I haven’t seen him since I was 12 (or maybe just at some wedding or something that I don’t remember) and he punches me!

scrooged download And the worst part was, that the sonofabitch was drunk! You could smell the whiskey a mile away. I wanted to say ‘hey you shithead, aren’t you ashamed, coming to the my grandmother’s funeral all drunk?” But I didn’t, just because I didn’t want to make a scene at a time of mourning. Turns out he is drunk almost every day and he acts like an idiot. My father & cousins told me to ignore him. I said, keep that jerkoff away from me, cause the next time he is gonna end up flat on his arse! What a loser!