I am borrowing a term used as the title & theme of a song by the Boston based band, Extreme. I know its not government or state run politics but I believe that every corporate company has its own brand of politics. Its inevitable and its disgusting and its expected! That is the shame. However, when it hits you point blank in the face and you are expected to grin and bear it……Fuck you, I am not going to play along.

I have decided to quit my job on the 1st of July. The training DGM will be in town by the 30th of the month and I have to speak to her about a few things and make some things clear before I give my resignation papers but the fact remains that for the sake of my sanity and what little pride I have left, I must leave. It’s clear that this is not the place for me or for anyone who wants to work hard, have fun, do the right thing and work decently and enjoy their work. This is a place for ass lickers and their ilk. Take it! You can have it! I have had enough.

Bye-Bye Ray

The Ottawa Senators have also made some changes to their squad, although unlike Toronto, these changes were expected. The Sens placed goalie Ray Emery on waivers and once he cleared it, he became an unrestricted free agent after being bought out by the Ottawa.

Emery was owed US$6.75 million over the next two seasons. Senators GM Bryan Murray put Emery on waivers after he couldn’t find a market for the mercurial goalie. “I’ve attempted to trade him,” Murray said Friday. “Like I said at the end of the season, it’s an opportunity for us to move on and him to move on.

download evening Despite have a great season and leading the Sens all the way to the Stanley Cup finals, getting lots of accolades for his goal tending, earning himself a fat raise along with a new contract, the Hamilton (Ontario) area native found himself quickly falling from grace. He has had some controversies and disciplinary issues and lost his no.1 spot to Martin Gerber. But he is still only 25 and could easily bounce back in a new team.

The Sens also traded tough guy Brian McGratton to the Phoenix Coyotes in exchange for a fifth-round draft pick in 2009. The Coyotes tendered McGrattan the required US$605,000, one-year qualifying offer before the 5 p.m. ET deadline in order to retain his rights. He is a restricted free agent. McGrattan, 26, has 287 penalty minutes in 143 career NHL games. He had three assists and 46 penalty minutes in 38 games with the Senators last season.

Maple Leafs Cleaning House

A new movie featuring their club makes it to the theaters and all of a sudden the Toronto Maple Leafs starts ditching their players like a ego-centric diva dumping her plain  high school boyfriend & pretending that she has no relatives! Toronto have announced that they are buying out fan favourite Darcy Tucker’s contract. Tucker has 3 years left on his contract.

The Leafs have also put goalie Andrew Raycroft & center Kyle Wellwood on waivers. The promised overhaul has begun as the Leafs finished for the 3rd year in a row out of contention for the Stanley Cup. Raycroft had lost his starting job to Vesa Toskala during the past season and Wellwood seemed to be losing interest. However, the Vancouver Canucks have quickly claimed Wellwood off waivers and he will likely suit up for them next season.

Along with the management allowing the Montreal Canadiens to speak to captain Mats Sundin about a possible trade, the Leafs seem to really mean business.