I've Been Blogged

Amy from Blogged.com sent me an email a few minutes ago. I had submitted my blog to their site quite a while back, to be reviewed and rated.

They have given me a score of 8.3 (out of 10) in the personal blogs category. The evaluation was done based on  Frequency of Updates, Relevance of Content, Site Design, Design & Writing Style.

See for yourselves:

http://www.blogged.com/blogs trailer park boys the movie online

or http://www.blogged.com/blogs/awake-dreaming.html


Awake & Dreaming at Blogged


Some crushes stay on forever and I have a few of my own. Like, Rosanna Arquette. I first saw her in Desperately Seeking Susan and then in After Hours. This must have been 20 years ago and the young Ms. Arquette is now 48 years old. But she still is one of my favourite actresses. I will stop to watch a movie of hers if its being shown on HBO or Star Movies or any other cable channel. My favourite role of hers is of ‘Roberta Glass’ in Desperately Seeking Susan. She was also great in a smallish role as the hateful wife in The Whole 9 Yards. Whichever role she has played, she has done it full justice and had she not gone to act in independent movies shot in Europe for so many years, she would have been bigger news in Hollywood. The reason I blogged about her is because I was a clip of her from the 1996 movie Crash.

8 Million Downloads In 24 Hours

faust love of the damned download Yes! The latest version of the best browser in the world was downloaded 8 million times in the first 24 hours of it being made available to the users across the globe! And yes ofcourse it is free. Firefox 3 was initially downloaded 1 million times by the 4 hour mark and Mozilla has declared victory after exceeding its initial goal of 5 million downloads. The server logs and download information will be given to an independent review board consisting of Corey Shields and Paul Vixie, which will then conduct a thorough audit, weed out duplicate and incomplete downloads, and determine an exact number, which will then be submitted as a Guinness Book Of World Records contender.

And I was one of the 8 million! I downloaded my copy by the 20th hour!