I got promoted to the post of training team lead. I have no emotion left in me to explain how I feel about it. It has been a tough last 3-4 days, filled with waiting so long for the selection process to get over. There were only 5 people who had applied for the post and we just had a test, two presentations & a personal interview as part of the selection. However, it dragged on for three days and it took a toll on a couple of the others and me. We also had our appraisals happening at the same time. Plus with the team lead leaving us – it has just been too much to taken in.

So here I am! I don’t think that there is anyone in the world who is this sad on his promotion! I wasn’t sure if I wanted the post. Now I am just too numb to react. Infact I got a few people asking me if I was surprised or stunned and why I didn’t look happy at all. I am just too emotionally wrecked right now to even comprehend the promotion. But I will be heading straight into work tomorrow morning and taking down things I need to get done.