Day 1

My first day at the office in my new role was……a little disappointing and tiresome. I came to know straight away that I would be flung head first into a big project that would need my utmost attention for the next few days and thus starts my trial by fire. But that is not the reason for my dissatisfaction.

First there is the hurt feelings of one of my colleagues, and now a member of my team, and the way she is acting out because of it. One the one hand I understand and would like to support her but I know that her arguments are baseless. I may have to keep aside blind loyalty and be a little firm because in the end she is going to enjoy some benefits. That will come later, perhaps 3 months down the line. I shall wait it out for a few days.

I also feel like an imposter, a fraud and a hypocrite. I am taking up the role of someone I greatly admire & love and I am not comfortable in doing so. I know that she is extremely happy that it is me who is replacing her and that she is proud of me. But I feel a bit….I dunno, its going to take quit a bit of getting used to. And then, in the aftermath of the phone call that I had this morning and my feelings of being confused! Did I hear it right or is it just wishful thinking? I am not sure, I can’t be sure of what she said.

In the evening at 5 o’clock, one of my closest friends and someone in the team and who adores the same person, sat with me while we had coffee and showed me a message that she was sent. ‘(person’s name) please take care of Roshan. He is very emotional right now, so please take care of him’! That was more than I could bear for a single day.

She's On Her Way Back Home

download nim s island movie I just spoke to her as she waits at the airport for her flight which leaves in 90 minutes. I may never see her again. For the first time I was able to tell her that I love her and that I will always carry her in my heart. And how proud I am to have known her and spent this past year working with her and how much richer I am to have known her. I know she must leave and it breaks my heart. She was crying and sobbing as she told me of the things she is sorry to leave behind. And how she wants me to take care of myself and be happy.