The Person From Cary, NC

I have a widget from Feedjit that lets me know where the servers of the people who visit my blog or a page in my blog are located. It’s on the sidebar towards the end, just above the Mybloglog widget that lets me know which member of that community has visited me recently. There seems to be someone very interested in this blog who lives in Cary, North Carolina.

I don’t know anyone who lives in Cary. My cousin lives quite near that city but he too does not know anyone from there. The thing is this person or persons has been a regular visitor for sometime now and goes through plenty of my old posts. Each time I check, Cary, NC appears prominent. Its become so that if I don’t see it there in the widget then I start missing it.

femme fatale movie

But who are you reader from Cary, NC? I’m almost sure that you are the same person reading my blog each time because I don’t think that it’s a big city and rarely do big cities appear frequently on the widget. So I guess you are just one person. And why don’t you leave any comments? I am curious. If you read this, please leave me a comment and let me know who you are.

I Dream My Life Away

A couple of rockers at the office call me “Ozzy” saying that if I wore kohl in my eyes and/or wore blue-tinted glasses (I wear round rimless glasses anyway) that I would be the ‘Indian’ version of Ozzy Osbourne. Well, I beg to differ but he does have great songs like Dreamer.

How appropriate for me!