Montreal – Jesse Cook

I’ve been watching the clips on Youtube for quite a while now and really wanted to get the dvd of this amazing show. I haven’t got the dvd yet but I was able to get the songs in mp3 format. Capturing the jaw-dropping live shows on screen or cd is what the hard core fans of Jesse Cook have been waiting for, ever since he first made a name for himself as a flamenco guitar maestro in the 1990s. Montreal, released in 2004, was Recorded at the Metropolis Theater during Le Festival International de Jazz de Montreal and finds Jesse & his band members at their finest. Cook’s live shows – he performs regularly throughout his native Canada, the U.S., Asia, and points beyond – are notorious for drawing throngs of fans who sin and dance along during the entire performance.

The album starts off with Beloved & then goes into one of the concert favorites Rattle & Burn. The audience is also a huge factor here, almost like another band member, clapping & shouting & hooting with enjoyment and appreciation for the wonderous talent of the musicians on stage. We next go on to a wonderful version of Cascada before the wistfulness of Breeze From Saintes Maries.

The playfulness of the next track, Jumpstart is not lost on the listener or the audience. Next we move on to Air one of my favourite Jesse Cook tracks but I don’t really like the sound in this one. I really feel that the tone of the guitar is lost in some sections. Be ready for an emotional overhaul because up next is Luna Lena. In the dvd, you can see the entire crowd standing and clapping along with the beat for this one. Very obviously a triumph of fan participation. Closer To Madness has got to be one of the standouts in the album, violinist Chris Church setting the mood by playing that atmospheric intro and then the song starts slowly, building up in intensity and totally surpassing the studio version.

Guitarist Luis Hernandez joins Jesse upfront for a guitar duet performance on Tempest. My favourite performance is the next track Querido Amigo – with just Jesse’s guitar playing at its best accompanied by Art Avolos on percussion. Dance Of Spring is next (it really does remind me of spring with its romantic sounding riffs), ending with some loud rhythimic clapping by the crowd and Jesse playing a frentic shredding riff that sounds like he’s going at warp speed at the end. The loud cheering is followed by the famous Mario Takes A Walk, which is a truly firey performance with the crowd going wild at the end. Baghdad continues in the same vein and finally we have Fall At Your Feet, which sees Jesse bringing Danny Wilde for vocals.

Its a truly awesome performance by Jesse & his band members and the crowd, it must be said, giving us an idea of what a true rhumba-flamenco concert should be like.

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Here is the trailer of the dvd!

Blog Love : Episode 1

I have decided to start promoting other people’s blogs on occasion over here. While I usually go for the text, I also like photo blogs. I have found some very talented photographers online and some of the images are breathtakingly beautiful. So let’s start with a really wonderful photographer’s photo blog, shall we? And, chivalry being one of my sins, why not start with a lady?

Meet Veronique Moisan, a 20-something photographer from beautiful Montreal, Quebec, Canada. You can see her stunning work @ Photography by Veronique Moisan or visit her Flickr site. Either way, be prepared to fall in love with her gorgeous work.

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Veronique is a Mathew Good fan has a BA from Concordia University. That’s her below; go visit her sites & enjoy the photos.

Notes For 6th June

  • Emotionally draining week ends with a sigh of relief from my side. I might get some huge help for the project that I was initially thrown into, so that’s good.
  • I learned that I might have to recruit 1 or 2 new people for my team in a matter of weeks. Giving someone a chance to prove themselves and the selection process is something I am looking forward to.
  • Seeing a few things here & there with her name on it or something that she used brings a tug to my heart and makes me feel sad.
  • This afternoon at 1, I suddenly realized that my wallet was missing. Last night I had stopped by at the tiny supermarket next to the apartment and inexplicably left my wallet behind, on the counter, while paying for my purchases. Luckily for me, the store keepers knew I lived close by and kept the wallet safe for me.
  • After 12 days of not eating rice for lunch (that must be a record for me), I finally caved in and had a rice, sambhar, veggies & a tiny piece of chicken for lunch on Saturday. I was just too hungry to resist it and settle for just chappathies & salads that I had been having for lunch, almost every day except Sunday.
  • I wanted to buy a couple of shirts today but the shop I went to had such a bad selection in my size. I looked at 25 shirts and only 2 interested me – one was made of a scratchy material and the other was a half-sleeve shirt! I don’t wear half-sleeve shirts!
  • It was almost 3 pm when I came out of the store, so I went to have lunch & a few vodkas. I had a nice chat with the bar owner’s son and by 5 pm I was back at home to watch 2 Star Trek : Voyager episodes that I had downloaded last night.

Be Bad

I want to be a bad person, a manipulative person, a person who will do anything & everything to succeed without having to think about ethical or moral implications. I want to be able to cast aside my beliefs, my principles & my standards just to get ahead of the game. I want to be able to do anything to get what I want and damned the consequences; who cares as to who gets hurt.

And then maybe I will have the success that I so want, the glory that I crave and the things that I want, that I must have. I should not care about being true to the one I love and then I would get the woman that I dersire. Who cares about sentimentality & caring & kindness & loving & loyalty? Certainly not the world! Fat load of good it did and does for me! Why shouldn’t I finally get what I want?

download sleuth dvd Doesn’t being all this and doing all this actually make you succeed in your dreams?