Home Is Where Starfleet Is

The 37s is a Star Trek Voyager Season 2 episode, in which the crew of the stranded ship in the Delta Quadrant come into contact with other humans. These humans were abducted by an alien race back in 1937 and brought to a planet in the Delta Quadrant. Later the humans fought back and defeated their alien abductors but 8 of them were stuck in stasis in crionic chambers. These 8 humans were revered by the descendants of the other humans, as monuments to their ancestors. Captain Janeway and her crew revive them and the ’37s’ are united with the descandents of their co-abductees. The other humans & their descandants had created a home on this planet, far away from home and built 3 beautiful & scientifically advanced cities in which the now 100,000+ population of humans life. Janeway & her crew are invited to stay with them & the 37s and make a home on this planet.

Although the rest of the crew could remain stranded on the planet if the ship becomes undermanned, Janeway decides that she was going to let each crew member decided for themselves if they wanted to stay with the other humans on the planet and make a new life for themselves or to stick by Voyager and find a way back to earth. It’s a roud moment for Janeway when everyone decides to take their chances with Voyager and find a path home.

This is one of my favourite Sci-fi episodes ever – it states that no matter how tempting another place can be, it will never be home!

Jason Smith Joins Sens

The Ottawa Senators have announced that they have signed on defenceman Jason Smith on a 2 year contract. The 14-year National Hockey League veteran has acted as team captain in each of his last six NHL seasons, including 2007-08 with the Philadelphia Flyers and the previous five seasons with the Edmonton Oilers. Smith played in 77 regular-season games for Philadelphia during the 2007-08 regular season, recording one goal, nine assists and 86 penalty minutes while leading the Flyers with 204 blocked shots and 142 hits. He added two assists, four penalty minutes and a team-leading 56 hits and 45 blocked shots in 17 playoff games during the Flyers’ run to the Eastern Conference final last season. Smith has recorded 168 points (40-12 while accumulating 1,052 penalty minutes in 945 career NHL games with the New Jersey Devils, Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers and Philadelphia. He has added one goal, 10 assists and 68 penalty minutes in 60 career playoff games. The 34-year-old Calgary native won a gold medal representing Canada at the 1993 world junior championship, where he played with current Senators forward Dean McAmmond. He was New Jersey’s first-round pick (18th overall) in the 1992 NHL entry draft.