Ozzy’s Bike

Trust the Ozzman to really inspire someone to come up with a cool design. Only the Oz can do it in this way. I was watching an episode of Kings Of The Road and this one was featuring the Las Vegas bike fest. Man do they have some cool bikes on show. I have been a big fan of choppers and other bikes and will watch anything that features them. A manufacturer called Count’s Customs had made this absoloute beauty – a tribute to heavy metal god Ozzy Osbourne. A remarkable piece of engineering and design that looks fab. The man who calls himself the Count, a native of Las Vegas, made this beauty in honour of his favourite rocker and also with a side tribute to the late guitarist Randy Rhodes who was Ozzy’s guitar player. It was a featured showpeice at the Vegas Bikefest. I was truly flabergasted to see this ingenious work of art and stunned beyond belief. It is truly one of the best bike designs I have ever seen.

Count’s Costoms homage to Ozzy is predominentlty black (like any other colour will do for something related to Ozzy) and has the cool Ozzy logo on a cross, which glows pink neon, as an inbuilt design on the gas tank. The rear fender has, for it’s design, the head of the guitar that Randy Rhodes made famous. It’s a black Flying V Jackson guitar with white polka dots that the late Rhodes used to playing his fast riffs & face-melting solos for the Oz in the latter’s solo career. The bike is all shinny pearl chrome and black beauty. The Count had it displayed on a mock-up of a big cadillac and the crowds were quite amazed at this monster. I mean, quite a few rockers had special customised choppers ordered to be made for them and quite a few might have bikes built for them as a gift or a tribute. But this one takes the cake. I have never seen a chopper quite like this and I have seen quite a few terrific designs (only on the web or on tv though). This is a labour of love and should win quite a few awards if it hasn’t already. Also, go check out the Count Customs’ website which is hellaicious and cool. He sure has quite a few Aces (of Spades) up his sleeve. This guy is truly gifted and I look forward to more of his designs.