Breakfast With Scot

An absolutely wonderful & funny movie, Breakfast With Scot is also the first gay-themed movie to be endorsed by a major league Sports franchise, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Former Toronto Maple Leafs player Eric McNally (Tom Cavanagh) is now a sports caster reporting on hockey games and living with his partner Sam (Ben Shenkman) who is a sports lawyer. Even though the gay couple live together, they aren’t yet out of the closet and Eric doesn’t want his previous tough guy image to be shattered, especially at work. When Sam’s no-good brother Billy’s ex-wife dies, her son (but not Billy’s son) comes to stay with both Eric & Sam, as Billy cannot be reached and is presumed to be living in Brazil. Seems ok at the time and it’s only for a couple of weeks or so they hope. If they can get past Scot’s singing of Christmas carols in a loud voice at night!

Sam contacts Billy who decides to come back at his own pace. Meanwhile Eric & Sam have doubts that Scot is gay – the kid loves to knit, sings Christmas carols at the top of his lungs and dresses like he’s part of a drag revue. Worst yet, he’s never heard of Wayne Gretzky. Seeing that Scot is good at skating, Eric enrolls him at a local junior hockey team. The nieghbourhood bully slowly starts to make friends with Scot and Scot starts playing hockey, while Eric starts to get close to the kid. In the end Scot decides that he wants to stay with Sam & Eric, who become ‘dads’ and Eric is finally out of the closet and comfortable with other people knowing that he is gay!

It’s a nice little fun movie and watch out for Noah Bernett’s performance! Kid is a real talent.

Starbucks Shops Closing

Starbucks isn’t doing all that well? At the beginning of the month the BBC had an article that states that the coffee chain giant has plans to shut 500 stores in the US on top of the 100 closures it had already announced. Up to 12,000 full and part-time jobs will go, although Starbucks will try to move some of their staff around the stores that are doing well. Starbucks said it was closing stores that were either not profitable or likely to struggle in the future as economic conditions deteriorate. While they close these stores, Starbucks is also going to open another 200 more in other US locations. I’m just wondering when they can get to Cochin – the company has plans to open their stores in India but it will probably be cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta (with their coffee culture it will be a perfect match), Chennai and Bangalore (oh most certainly so) that get them first.