Working On Sunday’s A Bore

I have worked so few Sundays in my current organization. Less than 7 if I am not mistaken. Since I had taken an off on Friday, I thought I’d work today to make up for it. Turns out that I didn’t really have to! It was a dull day, although I am glad to say that the sun came out today for the entire day. It has been raining a whole lot the past few days, day & night, and we have been subjected to strong, cold winds that chill us in the mornings. I have to heat water before I take a bath and I never really do that. However, even if there was a chilly wind at 7 this morning, it was hot & sunny by 10 am and I was glad to come in out of the blazing sun and into the… & sweaty office!

What the fuck! Turns out that since there were just a couple of guys working in he entire ground floor, the facilities guys didn’t bother to switch the air conditioner on. However by noon we were sweating like pigs and demanded that they switch the damn thing on.

Not much work came my way although I had been expecting it to. Spent the day on sorting out mails & some pending work. By 2 pm Kristel, Ajeeba & I went to a hotel nearby to have chicken biriyanis for lunch and we had a nice time talking there. The afternoon was sleepy and boring and we spent a chunk of it chatting as we sat around my system. I got some stuff done and by 6:30 pm I left the office and headed for home.

Full Tank Of Absolution

No Fear by Terri Clark is one of my favourite songs of all time. The lyrics & musics are simple yet it rings true and hits me in my soul. I have never seen the video that was released in promotion of the single until now. And it’s totally unlike what I had expected. But it turns out to be pretty special, featuring various Special Olympics & other special athletes participating in their respective sports event. It’s quite nice.