Another User Of Typoxp Theme

I’m currently using Typoxp as my wordpress theme of choice. I am extremely happy with this theme and I can see myself sticking with for quite some time. I have already made a few little changes to it and will still continue tweaking it until it suits me to a T but I still love it. The author also has some different version of it, if you wanna try it out.

Although it hasn’t been that long since I moved to this wordpress theme, I hadn’t seen any other website / blog that was using it. Until now that is.

Kulpreet Singh, an internet-based marketing manager from Vancouver, Canada, is also using Typoxp in his blog. Take a look at his website. Although I have always wished for a unique theme, I also like the idea of having a community, the smaller the better, of bloggers who use the same theme as mine. What say Kulpreet?

Friends Season 4

This season starts off as a continuation of season 3’s finale. As the friends get back home, Monica, Joey & Chandler reveal that Monica got stung by a jellyfish and Chandler had to pee on her leg to ease the pain. Ross & Rachel get back together briefly only to fight once again over the letter. Then Phoebe thinks a cat who is attracted to her guitar case is inhabited with the spirit of her dead mom. Chandler dates Rachel’s boss and she handcuffs him to her office chair. Joey has to help the superintendent of their building with his ballroom dancing skills. Joey finds a new girlfriend Kathy, who Chandler falls in love with. He doesn’t say anything until Kathy realizes that she actually loves Chandler rather than Joey. The two friends have a brief & silly fallout. Ross dates the perfect girl until he sees her dirty, messy apartment. The guys realize that they can’t party too much unlike their college days and then find out that they are ok with it. Phoebe’s step-brother & his new wife ask her to be their surrogate mother, to which she agrees.

While she visits the hospital, the other 5 play a game to decided if Chandler & Joey know more about Rachel & Monica than the girls know about the guys. It ends up becoming a competitive quiz game with Ross as the moderator and betting the guy’s chick & duck against the girl’s apartment. The guys win and the girls have to move to the dirtier & smellier boy’s apartment. Chandler & Kathy break up as she cheats on him after a fight and Rachel develops a crush on her customer. Ross meets Emily through Rachel and ends up spending a weekend in Vermont. They become a serious couple, despite Emily living in London, and after a complicated dating period with her flying to New York every weekend, Ross propose marriage to her.

Rachel is obviously jealous and not over Ross and tries to get Joshua to marry her but she ends up scaring him off instead. Phoebe gets pregnant and by the time of the wedding, she is unable to travel to England. The duck swallows the wedding ring and the guys have to take it to a vet. The remaining 4 travel to England for Ross’s wedding to Emily and Chandler & Monica sleep together on the day before the wedding. Rachel decides not to attend the wedding in England and stays back with Phoebe but later changes her mind and rushes off to tell Ross how she feels about him. However on seeing the betrothed couple hugging, she choses not say anything about her feelings to Ross and just hugs him for good luck. But….while saying the wedding vows, Ross says Rachel instead of Emily while saying ‘I take thee…’.