Where Did The Years Go?

In a couple of days I turn 32.

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32! I can’t believe it. Where did all these years go? How did I get here? I was told by a couple of people that I looked 27 or 28. I think I look older but I feel younger. Sometimes I feel as if I was robbed of a few years and I want them back. The years between 23-26 are a blur to me now.

I don’t think I have achieved much in my life or even anything good. I’m trying hard to rectify that. It’s a Life Wasted if you ask me. I’ve not got anything worthwhile to show for these 32 years. Can I rewind and a get a few years back please? No, its silly to even think that.

Now I can go by the line said in the movie The Snow Walker, where the Inuit girl asks Barry Pepper his age and if he was married and he says 32 and no, she replies : 32 and no wife!!