Sociable – Social Bookmarking Plugin

I’ve been meaning to add a link to some of the social networking themes at the end of my posts in order to make it easy for my readers to link them. Yesterday was the first time that I actually started looking for a WordPress plugin to make that job easier. I tried 3 such plugins last evening but none of them worked the way that I wanted them to work. And one didn’t work at all. Even if I followed the instructions to a T.

I almost gave up on it, when I got a pop up saying that someone has added me as a friend in Blogcatalog. I immediately went to check and saw it was this cool fella with the tough looking cat as his icon. When I checked out his website I saw that he had installed a plugin for social bookmarking. I sent him a message asking if he could guide me to where I could download it. It looks something like this at the end of every post.

Turns out he had just posted a tutorial on how to install & administer the same plugin. He sent me a reply message informing me the link and I went over to download Sociable. You can follow his tutorial here and either download the plugin there or at the WordPress’s Plugins page.

Sociable was created by Joose De Valk.

A Little Bit Of Johnny

Wonderfully politically incorrect, the incorrigible flirt & hopelessly unlucky in that same department is our hero Johnny Bravo. His intentions may be good at heart but his approach gets him into trouble. Starting out, JB appeared in two animated shorts created for Cartoon Network’s World Premiere Toons and was one of several characters to be given an ongoing series. Taking his vocal inspiration from the late great Elvis Presley, this muscle bound hunk’s adventures are a hoot-a-minute. There are some really classy quotes that this blond haired romeo has passed out from time to time : You smell kinda pretty, wanna smell me. I bet your name is Mickey, cause you’re so fine. The doggyliftalegger? grim reaper online download

Care To Take A Dip?

Wanna take a dip in the world’s largest swimming pool? It is more than 1,000 yards long, covers 20 acres, had a 115ft deep end and holds 66 million gallons of water. It’s at the San Alfonso del Mar resort at Algarrobo, Chile & it took almost 1 billion dollars to build and it will take an annual maintenance fee of 2 million. Imagine how much you could pee in that!!

On a side note, the babe pedaling the boat has got great legs!!

We Likes Sméagol, We Hates Gollum

I was finally able to watch the dvd of Lord Of The Rings : The Two Towers. It just wasn’t getting read on my pc and I thought I’d try on it on a proper dvd player. So I popped it in my dad’s player and it worked like a charm! Ok, so to settle down and watch the second of this amazing series.

So most of you have already seen the movie long back and blah, blah, blah but I still have to complete the trilogy, so I shall keep that for this Sunday. But the ‘character’ that has left the biggest impression on me is that of ‘Gollum/Sméagol’. The conflict between the dual personalities of the ugly looking creature is the highlight of the entire movie, even if it is mostly cgi rendered. Andy Serkis was the actor & the CGI character was built around Serkis’ facial features, voice and acting choices. Serkis based his voice on sounds made by his cat. Sméagol arguing with his alter-ego Gollum is at once frightning & fascinating and the subtle difference in the apperance of the eyes & voice mark out the two personalities to the viewer.

Another User Of Typoxp Theme

I’m currently using Typoxp as my wordpress theme of choice. I am extremely happy with this theme and I can see myself sticking with for quite some time. I have already made a few little changes to it and will still continue tweaking it until it suits me to a T but I still love it. The author also has some different version of it, if you wanna try it out.

Although it hasn’t been that long since I moved to this wordpress theme, I hadn’t seen any other website / blog that was using it. Until now that is.

Kulpreet Singh, an internet-based marketing manager from Vancouver, Canada, is also using Typoxp in his blog. Take a look at his website. Although I have always wished for a unique theme, I also like the idea of having a community, the smaller the better, of bloggers who use the same theme as mine. What say Kulpreet?

Friends Season 4

This season starts off as a continuation of season 3’s finale. As the friends get back home, Monica, Joey & Chandler reveal that Monica got stung by a jellyfish and Chandler had to pee on her leg to ease the pain. Ross & Rachel get back together briefly only to fight once again over the letter. Then Phoebe thinks a cat who is attracted to her guitar case is inhabited with the spirit of her dead mom. Chandler dates Rachel’s boss and she handcuffs him to her office chair. Joey has to help the superintendent of their building with his ballroom dancing skills. Joey finds a new girlfriend Kathy, who Chandler falls in love with. He doesn’t say anything until Kathy realizes that she actually loves Chandler rather than Joey. The two friends have a brief & silly fallout. Ross dates the perfect girl until he sees her dirty, messy apartment. The guys realize that they can’t party too much unlike their college days and then find out that they are ok with it. Phoebe’s step-brother & his new wife ask her to be their surrogate mother, to which she agrees.

While she visits the hospital, the other 5 play a game to decided if Chandler & Joey know more about Rachel & Monica than the girls know about the guys. It ends up becoming a competitive quiz game with Ross as the moderator and betting the guy’s chick & duck against the girl’s apartment. The guys win and the girls have to move to the dirtier & smellier boy’s apartment. Chandler & Kathy break up as she cheats on him after a fight and Rachel develops a crush on her customer. Ross meets Emily through Rachel and ends up spending a weekend in Vermont. They become a serious couple, despite Emily living in London, and after a complicated dating period with her flying to New York every weekend, Ross propose marriage to her.

Rachel is obviously jealous and not over Ross and tries to get Joshua to marry her but she ends up scaring him off instead. Phoebe gets pregnant and by the time of the wedding, she is unable to travel to England. The duck swallows the wedding ring and the guys have to take it to a vet. The remaining 4 travel to England for Ross’s wedding to Emily and Chandler & Monica sleep together on the day before the wedding. Rachel decides not to attend the wedding in England and stays back with Phoebe but later changes her mind and rushes off to tell Ross how she feels about him. However on seeing the betrothed couple hugging, she choses not say anything about her feelings to Ross and just hugs him for good luck. But….while saying the wedding vows, Ross says Rachel instead of Emily while saying ‘I take thee…’.

Working On Sunday’s A Bore

I have worked so few Sundays in my current organization. Less than 7 if I am not mistaken. Since I had taken an off on Friday, I thought I’d work today to make up for it. Turns out that I didn’t really have to! It was a dull day, although I am glad to say that the sun came out today for the entire day. It has been raining a whole lot the past few days, day & night, and we have been subjected to strong, cold winds that chill us in the mornings. I have to heat water before I take a bath and I never really do that. However, even if there was a chilly wind at 7 this morning, it was hot & sunny by 10 am and I was glad to come in out of the blazing sun and into the… & sweaty office!

What the fuck! Turns out that since there were just a couple of guys working in he entire ground floor, the facilities guys didn’t bother to switch the air conditioner on. However by noon we were sweating like pigs and demanded that they switch the damn thing on.

Not much work came my way although I had been expecting it to. Spent the day on sorting out mails & some pending work. By 2 pm Kristel, Ajeeba & I went to a hotel nearby to have chicken biriyanis for lunch and we had a nice time talking there. The afternoon was sleepy and boring and we spent a chunk of it chatting as we sat around my system. I got some stuff done and by 6:30 pm I left the office and headed for home.

Full Tank Of Absolution

No Fear by Terri Clark is one of my favourite songs of all time. The lyrics & musics are simple yet it rings true and hits me in my soul. I have never seen the video that was released in promotion of the single until now. And it’s totally unlike what I had expected. But it turns out to be pretty special, featuring various Special Olympics & other special athletes participating in their respective sports event. It’s quite nice.

Turn That Page, Steven

You can’t imagine how disappointed I am – one of my favourite singers & co-founding member of my co-favourite band was arrested on possession of drugs. A felony complaint against the singer states he was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance on July 11 after police stumbled upon a car parked across a driveway with its driver-side door open. After tracking the license plate of the vehicle, police entered an apartment where they found Page and 25-year-old Stephanie Ford in the kitchen. In a statement to police filed with the court, Ford said the two had just finished snorting what she believed to be cocaine using a rolled-up Canadian bill.

The police tested the substance and it was confirmed to be cocaine, which they also found in other bottles.Police allege Page had about a third of an ounce of the drug on him at the time of his arrest. He was taken into police custody, but was later released after posting $10,000 bail.

It’s human to fall from grace but to have this done by a member of BNL? Its just too much to take in.

Bell To Ring For Sens

Somehow I missed this – Ottawa native & former Ottawa 67s (from the Junior leagues) star defenceman Brendan Bell had signed a one year contract with the Senators.

The 25-year-old was the Toronto Maple Leafs’ third-round choice (65th overall) in the 2001 National Hockey League entry draft. He made his NHL debut in 2005-06 with Toronto, playing in one game with the Maple Leafs. In 48 career NHL games with Toronto and Phoenix, Bell has scored one goal and added six assists while recording 27 penalty minutes.

The defenceman has represented Canada internationally on two occasions, winning a gold medal at the 2003-04 Spengler Cup in Davos, Switzerland, and winning a silver medal at the 2002 world junior championships in Halifax.

Bell enjoyed a decorated junior hockey career with the Ottawa 67’s, scoring 171 points (32-139) in 238 games over four seasons. In his final year with the 67’s in 2002-03, he was named to the Canadian Hockey League’s first all-star team and won the CHL defenceman-of-the-year award.

Breakfast With Scot

An absolutely wonderful & funny movie, Breakfast With Scot is also the first gay-themed movie to be endorsed by a major league Sports franchise, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Former Toronto Maple Leafs player Eric McNally (Tom Cavanagh) is now a sports caster reporting on hockey games and living with his partner Sam (Ben Shenkman) who is a sports lawyer. Even though the gay couple live together, they aren’t yet out of the closet and Eric doesn’t want his previous tough guy image to be shattered, especially at work. When Sam’s no-good brother Billy’s ex-wife dies, her son (but not Billy’s son) comes to stay with both Eric & Sam, as Billy cannot be reached and is presumed to be living in Brazil. Seems ok at the time and it’s only for a couple of weeks or so they hope. If they can get past Scot’s singing of Christmas carols in a loud voice at night!

Sam contacts Billy who decides to come back at his own pace. Meanwhile Eric & Sam have doubts that Scot is gay – the kid loves to knit, sings Christmas carols at the top of his lungs and dresses like he’s part of a drag revue. Worst yet, he’s never heard of Wayne Gretzky. Seeing that Scot is good at skating, Eric enrolls him at a local junior hockey team. The nieghbourhood bully slowly starts to make friends with Scot and Scot starts playing hockey, while Eric starts to get close to the kid. In the end Scot decides that he wants to stay with Sam & Eric, who become ‘dads’ and Eric is finally out of the closet and comfortable with other people knowing that he is gay!

It’s a nice little fun movie and watch out for Noah Bernett’s performance! Kid is a real talent.

Starbucks Shops Closing

Starbucks isn’t doing all that well? At the beginning of the month the BBC had an article that states that the coffee chain giant has plans to shut 500 stores in the US on top of the 100 closures it had already announced. Up to 12,000 full and part-time jobs will go, although Starbucks will try to move some of their staff around the stores that are doing well. Starbucks said it was closing stores that were either not profitable or likely to struggle in the future as economic conditions deteriorate. While they close these stores, Starbucks is also going to open another 200 more in other US locations. I’m just wondering when they can get to Cochin – the company has plans to open their stores in India but it will probably be cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta (with their coffee culture it will be a perfect match), Chennai and Bangalore (oh most certainly so) that get them first.

Busy Bee

I seem to spend a lot more time at work and seem to be busy most of the time. I reach home only after 9pm. Luckily I am not too stressed out at the moment but I am sure that its just a little way down the road. In a way I’m glad to be busy at the office so I will not think of her too much. Although it’s hard. I hope to speak to management about my situation and ask for a raise as soon as possible. There is a bus strike tomorrow, so I have opted to stay at home and work on Sunday.

This Could Be My Time

The year is 1992. I was 16 years old at the time. A musical & cultural revolution took place during those years. ‘Grunge’ was in the air, it was the main theme of the first half of the 90s. Rebellion, independence, flipping the bird at normalcy & totalitarian authority. We needed a voice. For some it was Nirvana with Kurt Cobain at the helm. For the others, including me, it was & always will be Pearl Jam. Watch a young band go wild in front of a huge crowd and don’t miss Eddie Vedder diving into the crowd from a camera crane. Awesome! Makes me wanna be 16 all over again!

Porch performed live @ Pink Pop.

Note For 15th July

  • Had some errands to do today, so I took the day off from work. However laziness and an impending rainy day made me cancel some of my errands.
  • Speaking of rain, it still isn’t raining as much as it should for this time of the year but I hope it starts raining a lot more so the scheduled ‘load shedding’ (power cut) can be dropped.
  • My main concern was getting my cell phone repaired – it turns out it wasn’t a virus as some of us had suspected but a faulty part in the sliding section of my Samsung, that prevented me from viewing the display. Now I can safely see the screen know who is calling and be able to send an SMS.
  • I was able to get a copy (finally) of, the most anticipated book for me, The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. I have just read about 40 pages but I can safely say that all atheist should own a copy of this great book. And the rest of you as well!
  • By the time I went to have lunch, it was almost 4 pm and I had a couple of Smirnoffs to wash it down.
  • As I type this, it’s raining quite heavily. So happy

I was also watching this video on Youtube as I was typing this entry. It’s a very emotional & exceptional live performance of a very emotional & exceptional song. Please enjoy Rubina by Joe Satriani, recorded live @ the Fillmore in San Franciso in 2000.