A Big Block & Plenty Of Blockheads

So you are working this Saturday. All you want is for the evening to come by so you can end this 6 day work week and head back home to relax and enjoy the weekend. You live away from the city center or you work in the suburbs. Maybe head out to buy some goodies for Sunday or even stop to have a few drinks with your friends before going home to chill out. Well that sounds nice. Well here are some people to fuck it up for you!

The SC/ST groups had one of their regular meetings happening this evening at the grounds near Marine Drive. Busloads & busloads of these morons coming in to Cochin from all over the state. And they mean to block the entire city while they have their meetings. Just like before and just like it’s going to be. So the cops barricadded the main roads so we had to use the bye-pass roads. However that is easier said than done. Imagine 10,000 vehicles going by in the same space that usually sees traffic of just around a 1000! You get the picture. Utter chaos! Bumper to bumber traffic jams with bikes, scooters, buses, cars, trucks & jeeps trying to find a way out of this mess.

I went home on the back of a bike driven by one of the guys in my team. Narrowly escaping death and instant crushing on our way, I was able to reach back home at a decent hour only because he knew a short-cut route that not many people use. So I was able to reach Padma and I got down there since I had to buy something. My nerves were also a bit wrecked so I stopped for a beer before coming back home. Fucking SC/ST assholes, I hope they get a huge dose of dust in their lungs before they leave for their fucking homes!