We Like To Strike

Anyone outside of Kerala & who has read my blog for the past few months will know that we have been subjugated to many ‘harthals’ or strikes in this beautiful state of ours. Following a close second is the bus strikes that happens from time to time. Now normally a bus strike is a 24 hour thing but today we have been hit by just a 6 hour protest against some issue that only the bus owners can fathom.

So by 6:30 pm I heard that the buses have stopped plying in certain routes, which means that people in offices will have a tough time getting home tonight. Luckily for us we have cabs driving people home at all hours of the day, so I just signed up and along with 2 others I got to leave the office by 7:30 pm and reached home by 8:30 pm. But I wonder how it’s going to be tomorrow.

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Technical Difficulties

Paul Gilbert is a technical whiz at the shred guitar. But he isn’t one dimensional like some others. He was part of a very successful super group in Mr.Big, toured the world with them, but he was also part of Racer X & ofcourse his solo stuff. Take a look at Paul playing a Racer X song Technical Difficulties @ his home and watch how effortlessly his long finger work the strings. The movement reminds me of a spider’s legs!