Star Trek : The Motion Picture

Star Trek : The Motion Picture, the beginning of what is now a series of 10 movies, with a 11th in the making (which as we Trekkies know, is a prequel). I have finally got it. After a long search, which lasted almost 2 years, I found that someone had uploaded the movie in Thank you, someone! Bolstered by the cult status of the original series in the 1970s and the success of Star Wars, Gene Roddenberry decided to make a full length feature film, bringing back the original series characters. Let’s start : A massive energy cloud destroys 3 Klingon ships and a Starfleet monitoring station, Epsilon 9, that it encounters en route. The cloud seems to be heading for Earth. As the nearest ship in the intercept range, the USS Enterprise is assigned to stop the destructive alien force. Admiral James T. Kirk assumes command of his former vessel, much to the dismay of the current captain Willard Decker. Meanwhile Spock, who is on his home planet of Vulcan, does not complete his kolinahr ritual. His failure to complete kolinahr and purge his emotions has led him to seek his answers on the Enterprise and the feeling of a conciousness that seems to be emination from the cloud.

Before Spock’s arrival on the Enterprise, tensions are high on the vessel, mainly due to Kirk’s unfamiliarity with the recent changes made in the refitting of the starship. An imbalance in the calibration of the ship’s warp engines resulting in the formation of an artificial wormhole. And testing of its new systems goes poorly, including a malfunctioning transporter that kills the science officer and one other. The ship has a new navigator, Lieutenant Ilia, an emphatic Deltan, played by the late Miss India Persis Khambatta. Decker has had a romantic past with Illia and it is obvious that they both have feelings for each other. The Enterprise intercepts the alien cloud, survives its initial assault, and journeys inside the cloud, finding a vast alien vessel, which draws the starship inside. An alien probe appears on the bridge and attacks Spock after he tries to prevent it from gathering sensitive Starfleet information.

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The probe abducts Ilia and is replaced by a robotic probe version of her (with Ilia’s memories buried in it’s mind. She says that she has been sent to study the “carbon-based units” (humans) by a living machine called V’Ger. V’Ger claims to be looking for its creator and that it is going to merge with it. Meanwhile, Spock takes a spacewalk into the alien vessel, and attempts to telepathically mind meld with it. In doing so, he learns that the vessel is V’ger itself; a living machine. He also comes to terms with his emotions, realizing that the pure logic V’ger represents is “barren… cold”. The ship travels to the center of the V’Ger, to where the main part lies and to their astonishment, they discover that V’Ger is actually Voyager 6 – an unmanned scientific probe, which was (fictitiously) part of the NASA Voyager program, and launched in the “twentieth century”.

The damaged probe was found by an alien race of living machines, who mistook it for a god and interpreted its programming as instructions to “learn all that is learnable” and return that information to its creator. These machines made V’ger into something capable of fulfilling that mission, and “on its journey back it gathered so much knowledge that it achieved consciousness itself!” And now, since it has fulfilled its mission it needs to bring this information to its creator. In the climax of the film, V’ger (in the persona of the Ilia probe) merges with Commander Decker and then vanishes into a higher realm of being. Earth is saved and the crew of the Enterprise go on to another adventure.

The movie grossed $82,258,456 in the U.S. and $139,000,000 worldwide, considered to be disappointing, considering its large $46,000,000 budget. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards, for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Best Effects and Best Music.
Footnote: It has been suggested that the alien race of living machines were the predecessors of the Borg. In the movie when the probe Ilia tries to resist the programming given to it because of residual memories and feelings for Decker. When V’ger becomes aware of this, it is aware that “the resistance was futile, of course”.

Buffalo Sabers Launch Alternative Jersey

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The Buffalo Sabres have unvieled their new 3rd or Alternative jersey. The alternative jersey is to worn when there is a clash between the designs of the home & away jerseys of the two competing teams. The design is very familiar, bringing back memories of their older jerseys. Utilizing the original crest from the 1970s, the logo has undergone minor modifications for an overall vintage appearance & the new colours, which is the deeper blue and gold.

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Arsenal 3 Bolton 1

the wickeds online star trek insurrection online Just a couple of minutes ago Arsenal completed their 3-1 victory away at Bolton Wanderers. It wasn’t easy but Arsenal shone where necessary and despite going a goal down, the dominated most of the 1st half and got two goals for their efforts. A spirited showing from a normally boring Bolton, gave the home crowd their money’s worth and they shouldn’t feel too dissappointed at the loss. After all, Bolton aren’t a title contender.

The Gunners fell behind to a Kevin Davies header before laying siege to the home side’s goal which led to a quickfire double from Emmanuel Eboue and Nicklas Bendtner. It was Eboue’s first Premier League goal ever. Less than a minute later, the Danish international Bendtner was on the end of a well worked team effort.

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The second half saw Bolton putting some pedal to the metal and really giving it a go. But Denilson, who had an excellent match, killed off any Bolton hopes with an 87th minute strike after some great work from Theo Walcott and Emmanuel Adebayor. After Liverpool’s slip against Stoke, Arsenal claimed the top spot as their own. The reign could be for just 24 hours since Chelsea, in second place, play Manchester United tomorrow evening.

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The “Passion” Of Christ?

From the Friendly Atheist I was reading about a poster, by the Campus Activists for Atheism group at Lorain County Community College in Ohio, that caused quite a stir because a poster for the club makes reference to a passage cut from the Bible.

Is that all you say? Oh no, they also had an image on the poster which looks like this.

And the headline was “Jesus Christ had a homosexual relationship?” Gross and funny at the same time. However, this apparently isn’t the first time that a Gay Jesus idea has been floating around. Read this. Also from Jerry there’s a book by Kittredge Cherry’s book Jesus in Love the age of innocence movie download , a novel about a gay Jesus Christ, was the source of controversy among throngs of religious people. The cover of which, according to the author “shows a near-naked Jesus and John the Baptist rising from the water together after Christ’s baptism. And you can clearly see their genitals.

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And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just google ‘Gay Jesus” and watch the images or websites that all suggest in some manner or the other that Jesus did more than just sermons with his flock of disciples. Some of the websites / books / ideas are by otherwise Christian believers, so it isn’t biased opinion by just Atheists.

I don’t see what the big huppla is all about. I guess this would explain his male disciples all following him around. Judas betraying him with a kiss. And Jesus would be in good company. I’ve always thought that Krishna was so gay. And look, it seems that he even went for Jesus. Go on Jesus, play his flute.

ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : Alice In Chains Songs

  • Would
  • No Excuses
  • Down In A Hole
  • Rooster
  • Angry Chair
  • Heaven Beside You
  • Sludge Factory
  • Them Bones
  • Rotten Apple
  • I Stay Away
  • Don’t Follow

Having sold almost 14 millions records in the US alone, Alice In Chains were one of the most successful rock/metal bands of the 1990s. They weren’t exactly metal and couldn’t be clumped in with the grunge bands from their hometown of Seattle, although they did share more in common with bands like Nirvana & Soundgarden. They had 2 number 1 albums on the US Billboard charts, 11 top ten Rock chart singles and 6 Grammy nominations.

Despite the death of lead vocalist Layne Staley & extended periods of inactivity, Alice in Chains have maintained a loyal & global fan base. The 3 remaining members of Mike Inez (bass), Jerry Cantrell (guitars) & Sean Kinney (drums) reunited in 2005 and as of 2008 are working on their first studio album in 14 years with new lead vocalist William DuVall.

Angry Chair – Alice In Chains

Meet Haumea

download garfield s fun fest Meet Haumea! On the 17th of September Haumea was so named and classified as a dwarf planet in our Solar System, with an estimated mass is 4.2 × 1021 kg. Astronomers at the Sierra Nevada Observatory in Spain announced the discovery of the object on December 28, 2004, when they re-analysed observations they had made on March 7, 2003. They then scoured older archives and found the object in images dating back to 1955.

So Haumea has been seen for quite some time but it is known to us very recently and given a proper name only now. It also has two small satellites; the moons have been named HiÊ»iaka ((13610 Haumea I) and Namaka ((13610 Haumea II) (as depicted in the artist’s conception image). Haumea shows strong water ice features similar to the surface of Pluto’s moon Charon.

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Looks Like The Holy Ghost Is Gone

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Not a fan of organized religion? Join us and listen to this beautiful & catchy song, a live & acoustic rendition by Our Lady Peace of their 2005 hit Angels/Losing/Sleep. It’s been debated to be the story of a person who followed something so “religiously” and that person is finding out they were wrong all along and the protagonist is having to watch that person lose their faith in his/her religion.

Going For A 2 Day Workshop

I’m going to be attending a Talent Acquisition and Recruitment workshop for the next two days. The workshop, conducted by my company’s corporate team, will involve attendees from the Kochi & Trichy branches and I think the DGM for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment will be taking us through the modules & sessions.

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As much I normally like attending training sessions such as this, I really feel that I am needed to be with my team at the moment. I have just got my team back after a few leaves and offs and it would have been nice to be with them for a few days before I went off for a workshop. I will have one member of my team with me but I would like everyone to be able to get such an experience as well.

The fact that my own DGM is also in town and will be at the center while I am tied up is also a concern. My team is going to be tied up and therefore they won’t be able to spend time with her, hence she is going to be on her own and I don’t know if that is such a good thing. Anyway, there is nothing that I can do about it, since she didn’t even let me know that she is coming down from Bangalore and I only found out through another source.

download houseboat dvd So its hotel Park Central (Central Park? Central Perk? ‘So no one told you life was going to be this way, tatatata” for the next two days. I had been there for a Quality workshop on the 11th of August and it’s a pretty good hotel, with good food and is reasonably priced. Most people want to join in the workshop for the free food. Everyone who asked me about the two day session asked me about the food. As for me, I’m hoping that they have some of that good fried cauliflower like last time. That will make my day.

Jericho Is Champ

I haven’t been following the WWE that much in the last year or so. It kinda soured on me with the whole Chris Benoit death controvesy thing. So I just watch snippets here & there or try to catch up on pay-per-view results – not on tv – but through Wikipedia. I also try to read up on some of the former wrestlers and what they are upto these days.

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I suddenly remembered today that ">Unforgiven had taken place on the 7th but I had no idea of the results. I wasn’t sure as to when they would air it here on Ten Sports but since I rarely watch tv anymore, I thought I’d check out the results.

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And I found out that although Chris Jericho lost the grudge match to HBK due to the severity of his injuries, he still shone in the end. Jericho replaced reigning champ CM Punk in the scramble match for the World Heavyweight title (as CM Punk was unable to compete due to an assault) and, with 2 seconds, left on the clock in the limited time contest, pinned Kane and won the belt in an awesome comeback.

I know he is supposed to be a ‘heel’ wrestler now but I can’t stand most idiots that the WWE seems to support and hence I’m cheering on for Jericho. Y2J rocks!

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Laz-E Boy

I had the day off from work today since I had worked on Sunday to fill an emergency requirement. I woke up feeling all dull and lazy and didn’t even feel like getting up to toast bread for breakfast. But two black coffees later, I sat in bed munching on said toast and playing trivia on MIRC. It felt like a windy day, a day which would feel good to just lay back in bed and not do anything more strenuous that watch some dvds. But by 12:30 pm I was getting hungry and I took a shower and left the apartment, along with my copy of Stephen King’s Needful Things.

clockstoppers download I went to Bay Pride Mall and walked into Barista cafe where I had a Swiss Mocha cold coffee with a chocolate muffin (since they had run out of blueberry). I really like this coffeshop and I like their chairs & round small tables and their coffees have improved a lot. They also always seem to have muffins, unlike Cafe Coffee Day.

I sat at a table next to their glass walls and read my book but I was also stealing glances at the eye candy who was sitting on the other end of the cafe. I had earlier admired her butt encased in tight jeans walking in front of me on the way to Barista. The music was cliched rock hits – Bryan Adams, GnR, Pink Floyd – but who’s complaining!

I don’t like crowds while I am trying to relax. Since the cafe is on the back end of the Mall which faces the Marine Drive walkway, a lot of people are walking by. Plus there is a lot of noise & distraction. Also the people in the cafe were loud and the two losers at the table right in front of me were being obnoxious & explicit. There also was a group of 4 – 2 chicks and their bfs – who were also loud. This is not acceptable guys. I left after just being there for 30 minutes.

I went to have lunch – fried rice & chilly pork – and downed a few vodkas. I had missed MGM’s Apple Kiz vodka the last time I was at Oberois, so it felt good to have some today. I bought some chocolate on the way back and watched Star Trek Nemesis while lazing on my bed.

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Friends Season 6

When Ross & Rachel wake up they have no recollection of their drunken wedding. But their friends fill them in, much to the former couple’s shock. Ross does not want a divorce or an annulment as he feels that with 3 divorces, his love life will be minimal. So he lies to Rachel about the annulment and when she finds out, she is mad at him. Chandler & Monica have put off marriage for the time being but once they get back to New York, Chandler asks Monica if he can move in with her. Monica is ecstatic but Rachel having to move is another thing all together. After a brief fight, Monica & Rachel reminisce over their 6 years together as roommates. Rachel then moves in with Pheobe. Joey meanwhile pretends that he owns a Porche, which is parked outside of Central Perk, to impress the ladies.

Rachel gets embarrassed at the way Pheobe runs but then realizes that its a fun way to do so. Ross confesses as to why his parents don’t like Chandler – when they were in college, Ross got high but he told his parents that the smell was due to Chandler smoking pot. Once the confusion is cleared, the Geller parents start taking to Chandler. Rachel’s youngest sister comes to stay with her but she starts to date Ross, which freaks Rachel out. Ross stops Jill from taking it any further, even as she kisses him.

We also see how it would have been if certain things had happened – what if Rachel had married Barry and what if Ross hadn’t found out that his wife was a lesbian? What if Monica was still fat and Chandler wrote for comic books? What is Pheobe had taken up the high paying corporate job she was offered and what if Joey had become a big star?

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Then Ross starts dating his student Elizabeth but her father does not like him. So Rachel starts talking to the dad (played by Bruce Willis) and they start going out. Joey gets to star in a short-lived cable tv series. Meanwhile, Chandler gets ready to propose marriage but screws it up badly when Richard comes into the picture. In an truly emotional end to the season, Monica accepts Chandler’s proposal and the two get engaged.

Willing To Trade Eternal Sunshine For A Spotless Mind

I’ve struggled with forgetting about my heartbreak. I’ve tried to keep myself occupied and busy. Even when I don’t have anything to do I keep reading or listening to music or watching a movie / tv series. Just so I don’t start thinking again. Thinking of what should have been. Well, according to me only. I guess that’s the way one tries to forget about the person you have been longing for.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that she will never ever feel about me the way I feel about her. And that I may never ever see her face to face again. It’s not easy. I’ve tried everything that I can think of to forget her but it’s way too soon for that. It won’t ever go away completely. And I’ve settled with myself that what I thought I’d heard was just my imagination or wishful thinking on my part. That, in that moment of weakness, she had actually said that she shares the same feelings that I have with her.

There….I have finally out that in words. I must have wished so hard for her to feel the same way about me that it seemed to me that she said that. While she was crying, talking to me from the airport. I must have been hearing things. Sure, anyone in my position would be desperate enough to want to hear something like that. And so I was. I was that naive.

So now that’s behind me. What I wouldn’t give to be able to completely remove her from my memory. Wipe away every moment I spent with her from my brain, like in that movie. I want to forget that she ever existed and never want to have even seen or spoken to her. I would give anything if that could be arranged.

Speak What We’re Taught

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Richie Kotzen was a solo guitarist, then a member of Poison for a couple of years, then a solo artist again, then a member of Mr.Big and now a solo artist again. His bluesy guitar playing has been featured on quite a few albums – over 20 solo itself – and his live performances are awesome. Here he is with his band playing his version of (one of Poison’s hit single that he wrote while with them)Stand, recorded live in Brazil.

Arsenal 4 Blackburn 0

dumbo download Emmanuel Adebayor had a hattrick, including a penalty shot, while leading Arsenal to a 4-0 victory over Blackburn Rovers 4-0 away at Ewood Park. Theo Walcott had started things out, rounding off a marvellous week by setting up Robin Van Persie for the first goal. The 19-year-old Walcott returned to the side after his superb treble for England, full of confidence following his demolition of Croatia and with a Champions League match against Dynamo Kiev to come on Wednesday, he played only 63 minutes.

download delta of venus movie life as a house online download Meanwhile Ryan Babel came from the bench to strike a late winner against arch-rivals Manchester United as Liverpool triumphed 2-1 at Anfield. United had taken the lead through Carlos Tevez in the third minute but Liverpool cancelled that out after an Edwin Van Der Sar howler led to a Wes Brown own goal. That leaves Liverpool at the top of the league standings, followed by Arsenal & Chelsea.

Chelsea are playing a late match at Manchester City and at half-time the score was 1-1.

Blasts Hit New Delhi

This Saturday evening, a series of bomb blasts struck the popular shopping area of Connaught Place in the Indian capital of New Delhi, injuring around 60 people and killing atleast 18. CNN-IBN, a local television news channel, reported that it received an
e-mail sent just before the blasts that read: “In the name of Allah, Indian Mujahedeen strikes back once more. … Do whatever you can. Stop us if you can.”

One went off by a metro station entrance on a major road and a police officer at the scene said a bomb appeared to have been left inside a garbage bin, but authorities were still investigating.

I had just settled in a sofa in Cafe Coffee Day, hoping to relax for a half hour after work and before I was to head back home. I had just got my cafe frappe and cookies when I saw this news flash on the tv screen in the coffeeshop. All the patrons immediately stopped doing whatever they were doing at that time and asked for the volume to be increased.

I immediately called up my buddy Anil who is now based in Delhi to check if he was ok. He too had just heard about the blasts, since he lives in an area of Delhi 16 kms away from the blasts area. I asked him to be careful tonight and not go out for drinks & dinner. I only know him in Delhi but my heart goes out to each & everyone who was affected by this heinous crime in the name of some fundamentalist doctrine and bullshit over a non-existant god or allah or whatever the fuck you might wanna call air!

Terror strikes again – when will these blasted Islamists have enough. Fuck you and you jihad. Shove it up your ass!

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