A Haunting We Will Go

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Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve – the day that the spooks come out (but my sister is visible every other day of the year as well) is once again upon us. October 31st is celebrated in many countries as a fun filled festival for people of all ages. Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties, visiting haunted attractions, carving jack-o’-lanterns, reading scary stories, and watching horror movies. Too bad we don’t celebrate it in India.

download stone of destiny dvd But it’s been a part of my life since I’ve always seen it in my television shows and cartoons. A lot of us kids, who grew up in the Gulf countries, had access to American cartoons & tv series much earlier than the ones in India and who were around our age. So whether it was Scooby Doo, Donald Duck or Caspar, they all had their fun/problems during this day.

I can remember all these series in the latter years like Friends or Buffy The Vampire Slayer which would have episodes dedicated to this festival. And, oh, who could forget the costumes. People go really bonkers trying to come up with that ultimate costume that will stun everyone.

Who would I go as? Let’s see……a vampire ofcourse!

Two Wins For The Sens; Miles To Go

batman download The Ottawa Senators have finally put their act together a little bit and won two consecutive games. Monday night’s 5-2 win over the Buffalo Sabres would have given them some confidence and instilled the feeling of gelling better with the new players. Jason Spezza had 2 goals on that night; Dany Heatley had a goal and an assist and Christoph Schubert and Shean Donovan also scored for the Senators (3-5-1), while Daniel Alfredsson added two assists.

Last night, once again in an away game, the Sens beat Florida 2-1 with Heatley and Chris Kelly scoring 3rd period goals. The victory was Ottawa’s (4-5-1) second in a row following a four-game losing streak. Florida beat the Senators 3-1 at Scotiabank Place on Oct. 22. Alex Auld, who played for Florida in 2006-07, made 25 saves for Ottawa. He was making his fourth consecutive start in place of the injured Martin Gerber.

With the goalie situation seemingly strong and the new players coming close to adjusting in the system, we might now have a good run. It’s important to get a few more good wins under the belt before the real tests begins over the course of the season. But I can’t help but wonder that we are still 1 or 2 attacking players short and atleast 1 solid defenceman shy of a complete team.

The Sun Always Shines On My Blog

One of my blog posts about the garbage situation in my home city has been linked in the blog entries section of the online version of the Chicago Sun Times. It’s not that big a deal, hardly a ripple among the major waves in the ocean. But it still seems a bit cool to me.

The only way I could find out was because of Feedjit – that widget on the sidebar that lets me know from where and how people find my blog. Or how servers find my blogs actually. Anyways, I saw that someone or a server from a city/town in Illinois had visited me through the Sun Times website. When I took a closer look to investigate as to how my blog is linked there, I saw the post shown over there. They have my little gravatar dude, that I used to represent me online, and they have linked to my website along with a disclaimer that appears above and below the blog post that reads:

“The views expressed in these blog posts are those of the author and not of the Chicago Sun-Times.”

Take a look. Like I said, it’s not a big deal but I’m feeling pretty darn good about it. I hope this brings me more new readers.

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Two Thousand Rupees

I was in the bus headed on the way to work. I had seen her before, atleast 3 to 4 times in the same bus that I was in. She must be in her early to mid 40s and she has aged well. Always dressed the same style of sarees that seem not too formal nor too casual. Somewhere in between. She wore her hair cut short but it seemed to suit her, stylish and cute. She was quite fair and had a poise about her. She was quite attractive, full figure and pouty lips. A teenage or a guy in his early 20s might not pay too much attention to her, unless she was their teacher or colleage dean or boss. But for someone above 28 or 30, she would be a head turner. Matured sexiness, is something that I would use to describe her.

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Each time I saw her, I would glance quite a few glances at her and admire her. She had class and grace and she was attractive and appealing. A couple of times I had braved a friendly smile at her and she has replied back. No words spoken between us. Until today.

This time we stood quite near each other while travelling in the same bus. She gave me a familiar glance and smile. Soon she got a seat and sat down and as soon as the lady sitting next to her got up to alight at the next stop, she looked at me and nodded to the seat as an invite. I hesitated (in some parts of India, especially my state, ladies have a few front seats assigned to them & normally sit seperately from the men unless they came together to travel) but then she called out for me to join her. So I sat and we talked. We didn’t introduce ourselves formally, just first names and we just talked in general about this and that. I was feeling quite comfortable with her.

She asked me what I did for a living, was I married/engaged, where I lived…normal stuff that one would ask when you meet someone and try to get to know each other. She put me so much at ease that I hoped there would be a traffic jam that lasted for hours, just so I could continue this conversation with this attractive mature woman. As my stop drew closer I told her that I would be getting down soon. She gave me her number and just as we reached the stop right before mine, she caught me off guard…..

All she said was “I charge Rs.2000 for a couple of hours. Call me when you have time, I’m sure we’ll have a nice time, darling”.

I was so astonished, dumstruck, flabbergasted -insert appropriate word her with the sound of ‘doink’ in the background. All I could do was get up and alight at my stop and it must have taken me atleast 5 minutes to realize that my mouth was gaping open!

I Guess The Tracks You Make Are Your Own

One of my favourite songs (I know, I know – I have a lot of them) is Nonstop To Nowhere by Faster Pussycat. It’s the lead off track from their 1992 release Whipped! and their third album overall and the song reached #35 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock track chart. It’s basically about falling on tough times / fall from grace. What a song! I just feel the lyrics when I play this song.

Cast Photo Sans Spock

We get a closer look at the cast sans Spock. I found this pic over at Doppelgangland and I loved the updated but retro look so much, that I just had to post it here. I think Karl Urban is a little too big to play a convincing Bones but let’s wait and see. Chris Pine is not what I would expect someone who is to reprise a role made ‘immortal’ by William Shatner to be but then the poor guy has his work cut out for him. Simon Pegg as Scotty – I think is a poor choice! No offence to Pegg fans, but he just won’t do. But the new Uhura (Zoe Saldana) is beginning to look a lot like Nichelle Nichols to me!

Chinese Democracy Single Is Out

It’s finally here! The album that has spent the most time in it’s creation process is now finally going to be released….and released next month. When it is finally released on the scheduled date of November 23, Chinese Democracy will be Guns n’Roses’s 6th studio album & the first with original material since 1991! 17 years is a long, long time but GnR have held onto their legacy for the most part.  The best part is that according to sources, Chinese Democracy

is to be the first of a trilogy of albums, the 3rd of which is expected to be released in 2012. The title song is the first single, released to radio on October 22nd.

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Take a listen to the song in the video clip and tell me what you think. Will GnR have an impact on the music scene or will they be a nostalgia event which will then wither away in the dust?

Starbucks In Cochin?

When did Starbucks start selling its wares in India and that too in Kerala? How come this is without my knowledge?

Well they actually haven’t and I have been waiting for them to announce that the Seattle based craze is going to start opening branches in India (there has been talks but I don’t know when is the date of their launch) and in Kerala in particular. Cause I live in Kerala. I’m dying to try out the different types of coffee that Starbucks create. I would be willing to sell you my liver for a few cups of the coffee bliss.

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The reason for this post is that I saw a smashed Starbucks paper cup (like the one on the left) near my office yesterday. Since the company doesn’t sell their stuff in India, I’m wondering how it got there. Is it possible that some guy came from the US (or any country where they do have Starbucks) came all the way to Cochin with a cup of Starbucks coffee with him, drove to the Kalamasserry area, saw my office, knew that I work there and left the smashed cup to mock me? You know, because he has access to Starbucks and I don’t! That bastard!

Senators Have Terrible Start to 08-09

The Ottawa Senators are in trouble. Deep trouble. Deep, deep trouble.

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After the opening two games in Sweden, where they lost in overtime and then beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-1, the Sens have played 6 games back in North America. And we have lost 5 games! Yes, 5 games!

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Our really bad end to the last season has continued on and we are hopelessly at the bottom end of the league. The only saving grace in the 6 matches was a 6-3 home win against the Phoenix Coyotes. Then it’s been loses to Boston, Toronto (??), Detroit, Florida & Anaheim. This is terrible. We need one of two good defencemen. I think we need a top goal scorer as well. I was hoping that we’d go and trade for a couple of name players but save Jason Smith we didn’t get any stars.

Here’s hoping that in the next few games we pick ourselves up and play like the team we know we are. Tonight it’s versus Buffalo Sabres.

Arsenal Beat West Ham 2-0

hellraiser inferno dvd After having won 5-2 away at intimidating Fenerbache , Arsenal wanted to carry their European form into the Premier League and continue the momentum. With two loses already in the season, Arsenal will need to be resilient if they want to win the league. Tired & weary legs were on show away at West Ham United, as the Gunners battled their London rivals. The Hammers matched Arsenal till about 15 minutes from the end; the vital goal came via the errant boot of West Ham defender Julien Faubert 15 minutes from time as the Frenchman turned in a shot from Emmanuel Adebayor at the far post.

Indeed it was the Togo striker who proved the difference after coming off the bench for Theo Walcott. Adebayor would have another go at the goal in injury and this time it clearly went in off him. A frustrated West Ham striker Carlton Cole would be red carded for a bad tackle on Alexander Song.

download winter of frozen dreams online In other matches, a solitary goal by Spanish international midfielder Xabi Alonso was enough to see a confident Liverpool beat Chelsea 1-0 at Stamford Bridge.  The win also ended Chelsea’s 86-game unbeaten home league record and put Liverpool three points clear at the top of the Barclays Premier League. Alonso struck in the ninth minute when his 20-yard shot deflected off Jose Bosingwa and left Petr Cech wrong-footed. And Tottenham finally win; 2-0 against Bolton Wanderers.

City Of Garbage

With all the cutting edge technology and advancements in every field in science, we still haven’t found a suitable means of cleaning up our planet and disposing off our garbage! Shame on us. Cochin city has been desprately screaming for a solution for the past few years. Platic bags filled with soiled paper, food waste and other stuff lies littered on road sides as there isn’t a proper waste disposal or waste compact unit in the city or state. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like in a few more years unless we arrive at something. Edapally bus stop is disgustingly bereft of any people waiting for the bus – instead there are about 20-30 garbage bags lined next to each other. Near my apartment there is a college and on the other side of their wall, I often see waste bags stacked one upon another for days at a stretch. How many kids are going to fall sick?

The city needs to pull up its socks and demand the politicians for a proper solution. The main roads are begining to look like garbage dumps. We will always produce waste. It’s inevitable. We need a solution to properly dispose of it. What kind of epidemic or plague must start before we open our eyes. I wish I could offer a solution. I keep thinking about a powerful checmical which when combined in the right quantities will dissolve all waste & garbage into thin air. Ofcourse it’s a sci-fi dream.

Can we dispose of it into spaceships and launch it into space to be dumped out there? Or find some moons or planets that we can convert into a garbage dumping planet. Like in that movie Soldier happily n ever after 2 download with Kurt Russell. There’s a scene in which a spaceship that collects garbage goes to a planet and dumps the whole lot into it’s surface. That might work!

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Gorgeous Setting, Gorgeous Babe

I remember watching this video a lot when it first came out in 2002 and played on heavy rotation on Channel V here in India in 2002-03. I watched it a lot mostly because of where it was shot – I’m guessing that it’s somewhere in Australia (New South Wales) as that is where Ms. Imbruglia is originally from. I really like the town, the grassy meadow and the ocean shown in the video and it is the kind of place where I would want to live. Ofcourse having the sexy & naturally beautiful Natalie Imbruglia in my arms would help make me feel very comfortable there. Isn’t she just gorgeous? Wrong Impression by Ms. Imbruglia.

ROSHAN’S ELEVEN – James Spader Movies

  • Wolf
  • Stargate
  • The Watcher
  • Sex, Lies & Videotape
  • Alien Hunter
  • Crash
  • Secretary
  • Supernova
  • Keys To Tulsa
  • Mannequin
  • Dream Lover

You may know him more his role as ‘Alan Shore’ in the last season of The Practice & as the same Emmy-award winning character in Boston Legal but here are the 11 movies which I have liked him in.

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Cindrellas Of Hull City

Relatively unknows even in England, Hull City have managed to stun the football world and play out of their minds this season, their first in the top tier of the league. Ever! Along the way to some stunning results, the Tigers have also won quite a few admirers from football pundits & fans alike. I mean who doesn’t love an underdog! And this is a whole squad of underdogs whose combined salaries will amount to pocket change for one of the top star players in England.

Based out of Kingston-on-Hull, the club is nicknamed the Tigers for their amber & black stripes jersey. Despite being one of the favourites for relegation, they began life in the Premier League in great form, beating Fulham 2–1 on the opening day before a 1–1 draw away at Blackburn. They suffered a 5–0 loss at home to Wigan Athletic but responded well by winning four of their next five fixtures. Hull won 2–1 against Newcastle at St James’ Park and then drew 2–2 with Everton. This was followed by two straight away wins in North London against Tottenham and Arsenal and a 1–0 home success against West Ham, leaving them in third place in the table behind Chelsea and Liverpool.

watch waiting online Today they beat fellow promoted side West Bromwich Albion 3–0 at The Hawthorns to remain in 3rd place and are awaiting the result of the Chelsea v Liverpool game as Hull could conceivably reach 2nd place if Chelsea beat Liverpool by 5 or more goals. Hull can prove how good a side they are when they take on Chelsea, then Manchester United later this week.

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Steamed Fish, Chips & Veggies

Spending the day at home was just what I needed. I have been staying home instead of going out more and more. I guess going out means spending more money than staying in, so it makes more sense. I did some work from home as we have a couple of reports to be sent out by tomorrow. I watched a few episodes of Angel, a downloaded episode of Farscape and napped a little. Had about 4 cups of coffee.

Dinner was good; steamed veggies, a big piece of steamed fish and a few french fries along with chappathis. I like steamed / boiled veggies much more than I like it in curries. And who doesn’t like french fries. The fish, although tasty and a type that I usually like a lot, did taste dry and that’s because my Keralite taste buds are used to having masala pasted over the fish either fried or curried. It takes a little used to and I can totally understand why white wine is preffered by folks in the western world as an accompaniment to fish! I would have loved a glass or two of white wine tonight.

The veggies were nice – cauliflower, beans, carrots & lettuce and the french fries were good but surprisingly enough not salty, which I would have thought was a prerequisite for french fries. The chappathis were also on the mostly dry side but well prepared. To chase it all, I had a nice big yellow banana. But fish & chips – how so very British of me! Lol, and I guess it was appropriate that I was watching a preview of the weekend’s English Premier League games on tv!

Death Magnetic – Metallica

air force one movie download Released on 10th September, 2008, Death Magnetic is the 9th studio album overall and 5th consecutive album to debut at #1 on the American Billboard charts. It is also the first album to feature new bassist Rob Trujillo’s playing (Bob Rock played on St. Anger) and the first to be produced by Rick Rubin.  The album & the band’s performance on it had been described by Rolling Stone magazine as “ the musical equivalent of Russia’s invasion of Georgia — a sudden act of aggression from a sleeping giant.”

The album seems to be a more polished effort when compared to the garbage that was St.Anger (a Metallica album with no lead guitar breaks). It’s also a return to their more ‘Metallica’ roots. You’ll know what I mean when you listen to the 7 minute opener That Was Just Your Life. The barrage of guitar riffs and double snare drum blasts are welcoming as is Kirk Hammet’s lead guitar snarls.

The riffs on The End Of The Line is about as catching as anything that the San Fransisco 4-some have ever done. The song is about the drug-induced lifestyle of a star (musical or celluloid, you decide). Broken, Beat & Scarred sounds like a battle cry of war-worn veterans. ‘Rise, fall down, rise again, What don’t kill you make you more strong’. What can I say about The Day That Never Comes? It’s a fantastic track, with themes of a rough childhood (rumoured to be about James Hetfield). Lars Ulrich confirmed to MTv in an interview that the song’s lyrics were about a father-son relationship. The guitars shine on this track once again, with clean melodic tones at first and then machine gun riffs to close the track.

All Nightmare Long was the accompanying track to WWE’s No Mercy 2008 pay-per-view event. It’s another track that reeks of failure, defeat and crawling back against a lifestyle that is doomed to bring you to destruction. Luck runs out, as they put it, and no matter what you are bound to repeat your mistakes. We finally get to hear Trujillo’s bass loud enough in Cyanide, a song about death or according to the lyrics living death and just waiting for the end.  As far as sequels go, we had The Unforgiven, The Unforgiven 2 and now The Unforgiven III! The song starts with a gentle piano/violin intro and then the band takes over. I’m not sure a 2nd sequel was necessary. James sings in an unfamiliar sounding tone during the chorus.

The Judas Kiss is about betrayal and selling your soul. Suicide & Redemption is a hard hitting instrumental. And finally we have My Apocalypse, which is about one’s personal apocalypse. Destruction brought upon by wrong choices and compared to a car accident and described in gory detail. The album is a lengthy one at 74 mins 41 secs, despite having only 10 songs. Most of the songs clock at 7 minutes or over; as a result the final song Shine, based on a Layne Staley type rock musician matry had to be excluded from the cd.

Is it a return to form or a comeback? With regards to St.Anger – yes. With regards to any other albums – no. I firmly stand by the fact that Metallica had no weak albums except for St.Anger. Everything else that they have put out rulz! Enjoy the video to The Day That Never Comes.