I Got Id – Translate That To Dry Day Today

I had to work from home till almost 11:45 am this morning. There’s the reports for the month of September and then I came to find out that I had totally mistaken a mail from the DGM of training for something else. A little phone call to her corrected me and I had to arrange for that to be created. So much for my mini-break!

By 12:30 pm I was showered and dressed and ready to go out for a bit. So it was off to CCD for some cold mocha frappe and a muffin. It’s become quite sunny, sweaty and hot, although not as hot as it was a few months ago I must add, and I do miss the rain. The tv at the coffee shop was tuned to TenSports so I could watch the last 20 minutes of the Arsenal vs Bordeau game. A young couple, I would say 19-21 were noisily giggling and a couple of times the girl made sounds that suggested that the guy had probably grabbed her ‘muffins’….if you know what I mean! I was a bit pissed off at their immature behaviour! I mean go get a room and grab her tits there, you pervert!

From there I headed over to Music World & Planet M. I bought the new Metallica cd (yeah baby) and a copy of the Vikings vs Native Americans saga Pathfinder. I hope its as good as my cousin told me. If it’s not, I plan to make him eat the cd and the cover! I also checked out the latest cell phone models that they have in the store; they offer discounts on the music series sets. I am hopeful that if I get my raise in October, I will buy a cool cell phone. Otherwise, my old Samsung will have to do till the new year.

To my dismay, the bars were all closed due to it being the celebration of Ramzan, Id-ul-Fitr today. I was so disappointed that it’s a dry day, contrary to what I thought. So I went to buy 3 shirts at Men’s Studio and then headed for some lunch. It was 10 past 3 when I stepped in the hotel and it took them a while 32 minutes to bring me a fucking menu. I ordered noodles and in defiance of a religious holiday, albeit muslim, I ate pork! And it was damn good, baby!

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Arsenal 4 Bordeaux 0

Arsenal, like the true champions that they are, answered back their critics and their fans alike by bouncing back after the weekend’s fiasco and thrashing French side Bordeaux 4-0. Coach Arsene Wenger must have been furious with his side and demanded a much better showing. So, one question – how does Arsenal lose to Hull and beat a much better side like Bordeaux 4-0 in a few days?

download crooked aka soft target online Anyways, back to the match last nite. Robin Van Persie struck his first goals in European competition for a year, pouncing either side of the interval and displaying strength during a well-taken second. Emmanuel Adebayor set up the opener for his strike partner and also helped himself to two, the second from the spot after Nicklas Bendtner had been hacked down by Fredy Guarin. Theo Walcott was a constant menace, gleefully using the space he was given, but his finishing was not up to the same standard.

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baseketball movie download download clue dvd I was unable to watch this match live on tv last night as I fell asleep just before it started but I was able to catch the last 20 minutes while at the coffeeshop this noon. It was marvellous to watch it even if they had muted the sound and were playing dumb Hindi songs instead.