Deep Space 9 : Opinions

For all you Star Trek fans out there, this one is for you : How would you rate Deep Space 9 compared to the other 4 series? I must tell you that I hadn’t seen any episodes of DS9 till a couple of days ago but I had already written it off as the least exciting of the lot. I dunno why that is. Perhaps the thought of a Space station behind the epi-center of the series – it didn’t offer many possibilities to me. Somehow, it seemed to me even if I never saw any episodes of DS9 ever, it wouldn’t bother me since I had the other 4 to keep me occupied. I had written them off; I had even placed Enterprise above them and that is major if you knew just how much I hate Scott Bakula and how wrong I think the other actors are for the roles!

the international movie Three nights ago I had completed downloading the pilot episode of DS9 and watched it in it’s entirety. I was also able to download another episode from season 6, the one in which Dax & Worf get married. My opinions – I do not like the quarters of the space station, I do not like the sets at all. I do not like the choice of Avery Brooks as a captain; he looks so unnatural in the pilot. He looks like a dumbo and his acting is all out of whack! I suppose it gets better in later years as in the season 6 episode. He was much better there.

I like Gul Dukat as the villain. I like the fact that Worf & O’Brien moved to DS9 (the series really needed them I think). I just love Terry Farrell and she is lovely as Dax. I like some other aspects as well but none as much as the USS Defiant. This is a great looking fighter ship. A shame they destroyed it well before the series ended. It’s got a great design and looks like it’s built for causing damage rather than comfort.

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So that’s all 5 series that I have seen atleast some episodes of. I have downloaded a few more episodes of DS9 and I hope it’s as good as the one from season 6.