Smoke Free Cochin

hounddog dvd The long overdue smoking ban in public places has been enforced in India from the 2nd of October onwards. This is a step in the right direction and it brings about a much needed change in Indian life. I’m glad to say that I haven’t seen a single cigarette in the 3 days since the ban.

I’m a former smoker but to tell you the truth, I smoked very infrequently. I smoked a few here & there with my friends when I was 17 & 18 and would have only finished off a pack in a month or two. I smoked because my friends smoked and because my cousins smoked. The most I have smoked is at 19 when I was in Bangalore and almost everyone in my hostel smoked. When I came back to Cochin, I smoked even lesser & lesser. Finally when I was 22 I stopped and have never smoked a cigarette since. The things irritate me now and I am glad that I got rid of those shitty things.

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The smell of smoke pisses me off now and I often rebuke my team members who come in to the office reaking of smoke. I abhor going into bars where most patrons smoke and fill the air with that disgusting smell. I hate public smoking and now I don’t have to bear it.

download elsewhere Ofcourse I am not naive. It’s not going away all together. But it’s a start and a good start. Today when I went into my fa bar, the no-smoking signs were on all four walls. I can breathe much better now. I don’t have to fear when I take a deep breath and my lungs fill in with that awful stinking smoke. Ahhh! My country has made a good decision.

Sens Lose NHL Opener To Penguins

he s just not that into you online download The 2008-2009 NHL season opener was a resounding success for the league but The Ottawa Senators lost in overtime to the Pittsburgh Penguins, 3-4. Sean Donavon, Jason Spezza & Dany Heatley scored for the Sens, while captain Daniel Alfredsson was not a major factor in the game held in Stockholm, Sweden. The team hung out at Aflie’s hometown of Gothenburg, which was also the location of his childhood team.

Last night’s game was the first of two meeting the two teams will have in Sweden, as part of the NHL’s drive to increase their prescence in Europe. The game was also noted for the unannounced appearance of Mats Sundin, who set the tone for the evening when he made to drop the ceremonial first puck. Sundin is a free agent who has not yet committed himself to returning to the Toronto Maple Leafs or the NHL but is taking his time before he makes a decision to remain in Sweden or play on. Sunday night will see the two teams going at it once again in Stockholm.

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Trilogie – Antoine Dufour

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Something for the calm, peaceful Sunday morning while you sip your first cup of coffee or eat your fruit & cereal, with a breeze blowing in through your bedroom window. It starts all gentle and melancholic and watch as it picks up speed.