ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : Terri Clark Songs

  • No Fear
  • If I Were You
  • Girls Lie Too
  • Now That I’ve Found You
  • Empty
  • The World Needs A Drink
  • Unsung Hero
  • I Wanna Do It All
  • I Just Wanna Be Mad For A While
  • Till I Get There
  • Sometimes Goodbye

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Canadian country superstar Terri Clark is my kinda woman and I love her songs. Enjoy the video for The World Needs A Drink, where the lovely cowgirl says to the world to sit back, relax, tear up the contracts and save the ink, cause the world needs a drink….or two!

Angel : Season 4

momma s man movie Angel, deep under the ocean in the coffin, hallucinates about his colleagues and Connor, all the while physically weakened. Lilah continues her sexual relationship with Wesley and just as she leaves, he dresses and reveals a cage in which he has imprisoned Justine after capturing her. Forcing her to help him, Wesley searches the ocean for Angel’s coffin in a boat. They find the coffin and rescue Angel, feeding him animal blood. Meanwhile, Cordy is bored with her existence as a higher being. We meet the theiving Gwen, who can generate electricty through touch. She runs into Angel and his gang and later helps them. Deciding to give his friends a break Angel takes Gunn & Fred on a trip to Las Vegas to see Lorne, who is headlining a cabaret show with scantily clad backup singers. It turns out the owner is forcing Lorne to read & identify the futures of the people who sang in the audience and the casino owners steal their destinies. Deprived of their destiny, the humans continue to keep playing at the casino day & night. The group rescue Lorne after fightining with the bad guys. As they come back to the hotel they see Cordelia – only she has no clue as to who they are!

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Confused about the group she is with, she seeks refuge in the arms of Connor. Meanwhile, Fred finds out that her mentor professor was responsible for sending her into Pylea. While fighting and trying to send him to a hell dimension, Gunn kills the professor, fearing that if Fred is successful, she will regret it later. This however drives a wedge between them and their relationship is effectively over.

A beast arises at the spot where Connor was born and starts beating everyone up. It looks like the apocalypse is imminent and Cordy makes love with Connor. Angel sees this from a rooftop and is furious. Then the beast goes into Wolfram & Hart and kills everyone, only to have them awake up as zombies. As the gang goes into the offices, Lilah is the only one who escapes and Wesley asks her to save herself. Angel confronts Cordy bitterly and tells her to leave with Connor. A confrontation with the beast reveals that he had fought with Angelus in the past and the only way to kill the beast is to get Angelus back. They get a shaman to trap Angel’s soul in a glass jar and without his soul Angel reverts to his evil vampire self: Angelus.

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However, once they have the information, they find that the glass jar is missing. Angelus taunts the rest of the gang. They find a spell that can retrive the soul back and restore Angel back. However it doesn’t work and Angelus goes after Lilah & Cordy. During their flight, Cordy reveals her nasty nature and kills Lilah. With the help of Faith, they are able to capture Angelus. Cordelia is the one who is controlling the beast – she is actually the demon godess Jasmine who has taken over Cordelia’s body.  And she is pregnant.

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Cordy is found out to be the evil one, when she tries to kill Lorne and the others try to confront her. But Connor saves her bringing her to his loft. Before Angel can stop the birth, Jasmine arrives as a beautiful, African-American woman who puts a spell over everyone on Earth. They all come to worship her, not knowing that she feeds on a few souls everyday to survive. Fred is the one who initially breaks out of the spell and she brings the others out of it as well. Angel defeats her and Connor deals the final blow.

missing lynx online download Lilah’s ghost appears to the gang at the hotel – she has a proposal for them. She says that the Senior Partners are happy that Angel & the gang have stopped peace on earth (Jasmine’s spell had people mostly peaceful) and as a reward they have chosen to given them the LA branch office. Angel, Fred, Gunn, Wesley & Lorne can take over different divions in the office and run things their way, with Angel as the CEO. It’s an offer that the 5 of them do take. Angel has a bargining offer – he will agree if the Senior Partners erase Connor’s memory of the events that took place and place him with a normal family as their son. The others also will forget that Connor existed in order for him to live happily.

Criminal Minds

download quest for fire online the poker club download download fast furious 4 online One of the only 2 or 3 shows that I watch currently on tv is Criminal Minds, show in India on Star World. The police drama series is about a group of profilers who form the Behavioural Analysis Unit of the FBI, located in Quantico, Virginia, although their cases take them all across the US. The series focuses on the criminal rather than on the crime and is disturbing in places without showing much blood. That’s the best part of the series. They are currently airing season 3 in India, but I read that the 4th season has preimered in the US last month.

Mandy Patinkin, an actor I greatly admire, used to be on the show but requested to leave it after 2 seasons, as he wanted to spend more time with his family & because of the violence on the show causing him stress. On the show, Patinkin’s character was that of Supervisory Special Agent Jason Gideon, their best profiler. Gideon left the team after several nervous breakdowns in his career, culminating in the murder of his girlfriend and being framed for it. Gideon was last seen remarking to a Nevada diner waitress that he didn’t know where he was going or how he’d know when he got there, leaving the diner and subsequently driving off in his vehicle.

download the robe movie The current cast (of the episodes that I am watching now) are, in order, as shown above : Kristen Vangsness, Shemar Moore, Thomas Gibson, AJ Cook, Paget Brewster & Mathew Gray Gubler. Veteran actor Joe Matagna was added to the cast a few episodes down the line but I haven’t reached up till there yet. You will remember Gibson as the husband in the sit-com Dharma & Greg and Paget as the girl who leaves Joey for Chandler in Friends.

the princess bride download There’s a couple of episodes that stick in the mind – the one in which a duo of foster kids who were abused as children now, all grown up, attack families and kill them. They brutalize the parents but gently kill the kids in the houses that they target. It all stems from being physically abused by their foster family. Similarly disturbing was last night’s episode in which a 6 year old is missing in the mall. She was abducted by her aunt, who couldn’t bare the thought of her husband, the little girl’s paternal uncle, sexually abusing the girl. The aunt, played by Suzanne Cryer, blames the girl for the incentous affair and wants the girl to die. It was a stressful episode, I tell ya! I can’t wait for next week and I’ll probably look out for the dvds.

2 Day Online Inactivity

I’m back after a 2 day gap. My 2 day inactivity blog wise, and internet usage wise, was for a two-fold reason. I was down with a severe cold / flu and also my ISP’s local Cochin server is having problems, which started from Friday evening.

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To start from the begining, Friday morning, I woke up just as normal as any other day, had my coffee and checked my mail and stuff. I read the paper and started for the bathroom when my nose started to twitch and I started sneezing. The reason – my parents have started using a new ‘agarbathi’ (incense sticks) brand for the pooja room / common room that is right next to my bathroom and the smell is damn powerful. I was sneezing a lot in the shower and it started blowing my asthma problems. I sneezed all the way out and into my room, changed my clothes and while having breaky.

I somehow dragged myself off to the bustop and into a bus headed to work. I felt sick all day but managed to stay on for my 9 hours at the office. People kept asking me how I was and why I didn’t go back home. I asked myself that question many times during the day. Anyway, I left at around 7:15 pm with my friend Kiran from HR and took a bus to Padma, where I went into the ICICI bank ATM and took some cash out. I felt like having some hot chinese food, so I looked for a hotel nearby and had some light fried rice and chilly chicken. The hot food felt great going down and then I went on home. I went straight to bed, took a couple of crocins and watched season 2 episodes of Angel before I fell asleep 3 hours later.

The internet connection was down at that time so I called my ISP’s call center and tried to raise a complaint. The call went on for 9 minutes, because they had trouble trying to transfer me to their technical section. I quit after 9 minutes as I felt drowsy. I slept till 10 the next morning and spent most of the day in bed watching the episodes of the said tv series. I didn’t have internet for most of the day and couldn’t even get connected to the ISP’s call center; their customer care must have been jammed with calls from Cochin to complain.

the truman show download 5ive girls dvd I was worn out for most of the time to be bothered too much about the lack of internet and slept a lot. The ISP’s server would work for a bit here and there and so I was able to browse a bit and check my email but it was for a very brief amount of time. Anyways, I’m kinda back on my feet today, so I called up and complained to the customer service. I’, hoping that they take care of it soon.

college online So how have you been these past two days?

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