Stanley Cup Upside Down

The NHL season, just kicked off last weekend, had a rocking start to it. Literally and figuratively. Def Leppard was one of the bands that got things started in Detroit and Darren McCarty & Kyle Quincy brought the cup out to the stage on a chopper. Ok, so Joe Elliot got it all wrong and placed the cup upside down. “We’re soccer boys, what do we know”?

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Talent Time 2008

As a long time resident of Thrikkakara, I used to frequently go to attend the cultural fest & talent show program Talent Time watch crazy animal online held every year in October at the CUSAT grounds. Talent Time 2008 is the 25th Annual inter-collegiate management-cum-cultural festival organized by the School Of Management Studies (SMS) of Cochin University of Science & Technology (CUSAT), which will start today. Around 1500 students from around 100 colleges are expected to participate in the 4 day event.

I used to go for the events with my cousins and a few times with my friends. Since it was walking distance from my house, I could stay till the end of the programs for the day, although most of it was quite boring for me. The competitions that they have have evolved from the song and dance, fashion show (ah, kill me! dumb looking females with the same expression and no talent to speak of walking and shaking their booty) & dumb charades stuff. Now it’s all management skills contest, cultural aspects, debates, HR related contests, etc.

download curious george I used to go to hang out with my cousins and friends and hopefully catch a few good programs and maybe meet girls. A couple of years, I also went there to escape my life and just forget everything else and drink beer and hang out. I also went mainly for the music, as every year, they would bring a local Keralalite rock band to close the event with a 2-3 hour performance. One such time I got introduced to Calicut rockers Dreadlockz, who were just starting to make a name for themselves. This year successful Indian rock band Mother Jane, hailing from Cochin, will conclude the event with a live performance.