The Ghost Of The Rented House

two lovers movie Today morning around 11 Kavitha, one of the trainers in my team, informed me that a girl trainee of hers has not come in today as she is not well. I was very casual about it until Kavitha told me the reason why the girl, Akhila, hadn’t come in today – it seems that the girl had been visited by a spirit last night and therefore she was too shaken & scared to sleep and was too worn out to come in at 7 am today. I was like, “could you please repeat that”? Kavitha said that she would come to me later and discuss this. I said ok.

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A few minutes later Kavitha came to meet me and brought with her a girl called Anusha who had been working in our office for a few months and who stays in the same house as a paying guest as Akhila. Anusha says that all 6 girls who live there have seen this ghost or spirit or entity or whatever, and they describe her as being in appearance around 23-24, dressed always in what appears to be a green blouse and black pants. She says that they hear water running in the bathroom at 1 am when there’s no one there, switches going on and off for no reason, their rooms being locked at night without anyone being there, creepy noises on the door and pipes.

She says that the visits were infrequent for the last 4 months (the duration of their stay at the house) but that it has picked up in the last few days. One of the neighbours say that they had heard that there was a suicide there in one of the rooms. Anusha says that one evening after work, she felt her hair being pulled fro behind but she saw no one behind her. Another girl claims that she is being forced to lie on her back by a force whenever she wants to sleep on her side. They say that they have all seen this strange girl, always dressed in the same outfit, but only 1 or 2 has seen her face.

Last night, it seems that the ghost sat down on Akhila’s bed and said something to her. The others heard Akhila say “please don’t do anything to me, please go away and leave me alone” all night but they didn’t see the spirit until much later. Akhila is frightened to her wits end and was shaking & shivering all night. Her parents have come and it looks like they may take her home with them.

After Anusha told me all this stuff I spoke to Kiran, my friend in HR. I stated the same thing, I told Kavitha & Anusha – I don’t believe in gods or ghosts or goblins but I do know one thing. These girls are being affected mentally and they have to get out of the house ASAP! We swung into action and by evening we found a new place for the 6 girls to move in. I was smiling and joking at the statements which seemed to lighten the mood but we were worried about this girls, kids at most (all under 24) and why they had to wait for so long before they told us about it.

The lady who rents the house for them is also a bit weird. She says lies to the girls about the house and stuff. She is supposed to give them 2 meals a day along with lodging but she gives them stale stuff, curry cooked 3 days or a week ago and the girls always get sick because of it. Atleast now, this will stop.

Or will the ghost allow it to stop?

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

dust devil movie barabba download So….answer the question already? Do you believe in ghosts? Are you someone who watches ghost stories and believe that there are spirits of people who have died but still have some unfinished business left in this world. And this unfinished business is what keeps them bound to this plane of existence and doesn’t let them leave it and go on to the light, where all souls go after their earthly life is over! Well, if you believe that…..!

I don’t believe in ghosts. Or vampires, werewolves, demons, spirits, demons and all such friendly creatures. I love reading about them, watching movies & tv series about them and even doing research about them but I still don’t believe in them. I’m an atheist and we don’t believe in that kind of stuff. But I’m still fascinated with them.

I’ll post here about the latest ghost story to have come up here and you can decide for youself if it’s true or not. So look for it.

Bishop Adopts A 26 Year Old Woman

Ok, I know that priests are actually just horny men in robes, this is taking it too far.

A Catholic bishop in Kerala has sparked off a controversy and embarrassed the Church by adopting a 26-year-old woman. Following complaints from priests, the Latin Catholic Church has initiated a multi-level probe into the adoption by John Thattunkal, 58, the Bishop of Cochin. Sources say the bishop adopted the woman with the consent of her non-Catholic Christian family, hailing from Pathanamthitta in central Kerala.

Now why would a 26 year old woman need to be adopted? Especially when she already has a family? And why would said bishop need a brand new 26 year old daughter?

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Thattunkal met the woman during a pilgrimage abroad and was impressed by her “spirituality and divine experience.” “I have only fatherly love towards the woman who has spiritual powers. This relation is giving me spiritual refreshment,” Thattunkal was quoted by Mathrubhoomi, a Malayalam newspaper, as saying.

“Spirituality and diving experience” indeed. Too bad he hadn’t met Mother Theresa earlier! Hey horny bisop, why don’t you adopt a few godmen instead? You belong together! And “fatherly love” my ass! Just like I’d have “fatherly love” to a Playboy Playmate of the year!

When The Indian Express tried to reach him on Tuesday, the bishop was not available for comments. “He has been in meditation the whole day,” said Fr Thambi Antony, diocese public relations officer. Antony declined to comment on the controversy as the issue is being looked into by the Church authorities.

After the adoption, the woman stayed in a guest house within the Bishop House compound in Fort Kochi. After this became an issue among a section of priests in the Cochin diocese, she left the guest house. And it seems that her father stayed there too!

Me thinks her father needs to be taken aside and beaten up with a cricket bat!