Notes For 19th Oct

  • It’s alternatively hot & rainy for the last few days in the city. Large clouds form all over town but we get very little rain; mostly just short showers. Except for this evening – it rained a bit but no breeze.
  • I conducted some interviews on Saturday evening, along with an AM from operations, for a temporary posting in our office in Calcutta. We have shorted listed 3 candidates. Final rounds are tomorrow
  • I left the office at around 7:40 pm and went to Oberoi’s for a couple of beers. I was there for an hour.
  • I wanted to spend Sunday doing nothing except watching some shows and listen to music all day for rest and relaxation.

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The Bridge Of The Enterprise

Well, it’s just a little peek into what will be shown as the bridge of the USS Enterprise in the new Star Trek movie. That’s Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) in the seat and Dr.McCoy (Karl Urban) standing pensively behind him. Not sure if sexy legs behind them is Uhura or someone else. You can see Spock (Zachary Quinto & his Vulcan ears) in the foreground and half of Sulu (John Cho) at the helm.

WordPress Upgraded

After putting it off for so long I have finally upgraded WordPress in my website. Yah me!

I kept thinking that it was way too complicated for me to handle and that I would either get someone to do it for me or get online guidance as I do it. But today, realizing that I would never be able to use any of the newer WordPress themes that I have been dying to try without going for an upgrade, I just went ahead and did it.

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It took me about an hour but I managed to easily follow the instructions as given in and voila! It was done. Actually it wasn’t that easy. I got stuck on the wp-config.php file and didn’t know how to work it out. For a few minutes, I thought that I had lost everything and that all the work I had put into this blog was flushed down the toilet. It took a few more minutes of level headedness and a few copying and pasting of code and I was done.

So I’m officially using WordPress 2.6.2. I’ve also decided to use a new theme for the site and will spend the rest of the evenining customizing it.