Thunder & Lightning In The Heart Of The City

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I was standing at the bus stop at around 7:25 pm and speaking to my friend Kiran. I mentioned to her that we’ve been having some rain lately but there’s hardly any wind to speak off, so it ends up being hot once the rain stops.

I guess the rain clouds must have heard me and felt offended. Before I could reach my apartment building, it started pouring and there was thunder and lightning. I came up to my room and opened the windows and let some cool wind in while it poured all over the city. Pretty soon, lightning and thunder were rampant and it must have poured at a steady pace for almost 2 hours. We lost power for about 45 mins as well.

On a better sounding note, 4 of the girls who were staying in that house have moved and settled in their new digs, courtesey of Kiran. They are happy with the new place and feel that it’s atleast 80% better than the old one. I was told that the lady owner of the house they were living in, was not happy that they were leaving and that she swore at them and said some nasty things. It’s good that they left there – that lady is not of sane mind.

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