Steamed Fish, Chips & Veggies

Spending the day at home was just what I needed. I have been staying home instead of going out more and more. I guess going out means spending more money than staying in, so it makes more sense. I did some work from home as we have a couple of reports to be sent out by tomorrow. I watched a few episodes of Angel, a downloaded episode of Farscape and napped a little. Had about 4 cups of coffee.

Dinner was good; steamed veggies, a big piece of steamed fish and a few french fries along with chappathis. I like steamed / boiled veggies much more than I like it in curries. And who doesn’t like french fries. The fish, although tasty and a type that I usually like a lot, did taste dry and that’s because my Keralite taste buds are used to having masala pasted over the fish either fried or curried. It takes a little used to and I can totally understand why white wine is preffered by folks in the western world as an accompaniment to fish! I would have loved a glass or two of white wine tonight.

The veggies were nice – cauliflower, beans, carrots & lettuce and the french fries were good but surprisingly enough not salty, which I would have thought was a prerequisite for french fries. The chappathis were also on the mostly dry side but well prepared. To chase it all, I had a nice big yellow banana. But fish & chips – how so very British of me! Lol, and I guess it was appropriate that I was watching a preview of the weekend’s English Premier League games on tv!

Death Magnetic – Metallica

air force one movie download Released on 10th September, 2008, Death Magnetic is the 9th studio album overall and 5th consecutive album to debut at #1 on the American Billboard charts. It is also the first album to feature new bassist Rob Trujillo’s playing (Bob Rock played on St. Anger) and the first to be produced by Rick Rubin.  The album & the band’s performance on it had been described by Rolling Stone magazine as “ the musical equivalent of Russia’s invasion of Georgia — a sudden act of aggression from a sleeping giant.”

The album seems to be a more polished effort when compared to the garbage that was St.Anger (a Metallica album with no lead guitar breaks). It’s also a return to their more ‘Metallica’ roots. You’ll know what I mean when you listen to the 7 minute opener That Was Just Your Life. The barrage of guitar riffs and double snare drum blasts are welcoming as is Kirk Hammet’s lead guitar snarls.

The riffs on The End Of The Line is about as catching as anything that the San Fransisco 4-some have ever done. The song is about the drug-induced lifestyle of a star (musical or celluloid, you decide). Broken, Beat & Scarred sounds like a battle cry of war-worn veterans. ‘Rise, fall down, rise again, What don’t kill you make you more strong’. What can I say about The Day That Never Comes? It’s a fantastic track, with themes of a rough childhood (rumoured to be about James Hetfield). Lars Ulrich confirmed to MTv in an interview that the song’s lyrics were about a father-son relationship. The guitars shine on this track once again, with clean melodic tones at first and then machine gun riffs to close the track.

All Nightmare Long was the accompanying track to WWE’s No Mercy 2008 pay-per-view event. It’s another track that reeks of failure, defeat and crawling back against a lifestyle that is doomed to bring you to destruction. Luck runs out, as they put it, and no matter what you are bound to repeat your mistakes. We finally get to hear Trujillo’s bass loud enough in Cyanide, a song about death or according to the lyrics living death and just waiting for the end.  As far as sequels go, we had The Unforgiven, The Unforgiven 2 and now The Unforgiven III! The song starts with a gentle piano/violin intro and then the band takes over. I’m not sure a 2nd sequel was necessary. James sings in an unfamiliar sounding tone during the chorus.

The Judas Kiss is about betrayal and selling your soul. Suicide & Redemption is a hard hitting instrumental. And finally we have My Apocalypse, which is about one’s personal apocalypse. Destruction brought upon by wrong choices and compared to a car accident and described in gory detail. The album is a lengthy one at 74 mins 41 secs, despite having only 10 songs. Most of the songs clock at 7 minutes or over; as a result the final song Shine, based on a Layne Staley type rock musician matry had to be excluded from the cd.

Is it a return to form or a comeback? With regards to St.Anger – yes. With regards to any other albums – no. I firmly stand by the fact that Metallica had no weak albums except for St.Anger. Everything else that they have put out rulz! Enjoy the video to The Day That Never Comes.