Chinese Democracy Single Is Out

It’s finally here! The album that has spent the most time in it’s creation process is now finally going to be released….and released next month. When it is finally released on the scheduled date of November 23, Chinese Democracy will be Guns n’Roses’s 6th studio album & the first with original material since 1991! 17 years is a long, long time but GnR have held onto their legacy for the most part.  The best part is that according to sources, Chinese Democracy

is to be the first of a trilogy of albums, the 3rd of which is expected to be released in 2012. The title song is the first single, released to radio on October 22nd.

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Take a listen to the song in the video clip and tell me what you think. Will GnR have an impact on the music scene or will they be a nostalgia event which will then wither away in the dust?

Starbucks In Cochin?

When did Starbucks start selling its wares in India and that too in Kerala? How come this is without my knowledge?

Well they actually haven’t and I have been waiting for them to announce that the Seattle based craze is going to start opening branches in India (there has been talks but I don’t know when is the date of their launch) and in Kerala in particular. Cause I live in Kerala. I’m dying to try out the different types of coffee that Starbucks create. I would be willing to sell you my liver for a few cups of the coffee bliss.

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The reason for this post is that I saw a smashed Starbucks paper cup (like the one on the left) near my office yesterday. Since the company doesn’t sell their stuff in India, I’m wondering how it got there. Is it possible that some guy came from the US (or any country where they do have Starbucks) came all the way to Cochin with a cup of Starbucks coffee with him, drove to the Kalamasserry area, saw my office, knew that I work there and left the smashed cup to mock me? You know, because he has access to Starbucks and I don’t! That bastard!