The Grand Old Lady

teen wolf too download My mom had gone to visit her aunt today, along with a few others. This aunt of hers is my maternal grandmother’s elder sister. Some of your readers may remember my post about my ammumma

who passed away a few months ago. Well, velliyammumma (big grandma) is 98 years old and still alive & kicking!

Well, her health is not too good, she’s had a couple of falls that took the wind outta her sails. She can’t move about much and her memory has seen better days. It’s kinda bad they tell me, today she asked one of her daughters “who are you?” But I guess that’s to be expected when you almost hit the centennial year milestone.

right at your door online download 2 years short of being a 100! Wow, I mean wow. And she’s a jolly little lady too. She’s always had a wicked sense of humour and likes it when people visit her. Especially from when her health became so bad that she couldn’t move around much. Also one thing about her was that up till a few years ago, velliyammumma used to drink and smoke!!

Well not really! She used to ask for a cigarette and take a few sips of drinks from her sons & nephews when they come over for visits and play cards with them. It was the source of amusement for many in our family to see the sight of this elderly woman having a drink and smoking and playing cards. Ofcourse you have to know what a big taboo that is for India and for Hindus and for Keralites in particular. But I’m sure velliyammumma was giving ‘taboos’ the middle finger – in her own way ofcourse!

Now she doesn’t recognize people and if you tell her your name she remembers for a while but soon forgets. She also doesn’t know about my grandma’s demise. They decided not to tell her because of the fact that she will soon forget and then keep asking about her. Infact a few days after my grandmum’s death, her two younger sisters went to see velliyammumma and she kept asking to meet my grandma. That’s the saddest part. But I hope she hangs on and hits the 100 mark. That would be something everyone related to her will be celebrating.