Comments Block & WordPress Upgrade

The past couple of days I had noticed that there was a lack of comments. And even with the very few regular readers that my blog has, it was rare that I don’t get atleast a comment on two on one of my blog posts or the other. So, was it just a feeling or was there actually a problem?

About an hour back I tested a few comments and they weren’t getting published. Something was blocking them and I was getting a database error on the wp-comments.php file. This was frustrating. I was quite proud of upgrading to WordPress 2.6.2 and altering my current theme to look more like what I want it to, rather than what it originally is. I deactivated the spam plugin (the one that makes you enter a word from a random image) and the Gravatars plugin, thinking one or the other was responsible. But to no avail.

I then downloaded the latest version of WordPress, version 2.6.3 and quickly upgraded my blog. It still wasn’t doing the job. I went back to the plugins and found out the culprit! I had installed another spam blocker and I guess it was clashing with my old one. Anyway I had deactivated it and only the random image one remains. So if you are a reader who came in recently and tried to comment but couldn’t, please do read this and come back to comment.