Watching A Guy Slip At The Hospital

Feeling even more better today except for this really bad cough and wheezing. Spent the morning checking on my mail and some blogs. Did that until 1 pm when I went in for the bath. And oh was it liberating! I washed and washed and washed. I oiled and shampooed my hair. I dripped in the water, taking it all in and then I would bathe some more. A good rub down later, I was feeling quite good.

download the teacher dvd ‘Course it also took a lot of my energy outta me, in my current state. So a lite lunch later, I lay on my bed and tried to read but soon fell into a good nap. Come 4 o’clock and I had to get ready to go the hospital. We met the doctor who changed my medicine, since the fever is gone and now it’s mainly the chest congestion that is causing me discomfort. He also checked my BP.

While waiting for the doc, I sat on a wooden bench which was right next to the stairs leading to the first floor. There was a spill of water & I’m not sure but what looked like some medical oil as well. A guy walked by and slipped and was able to just catch himself. I helped him to the bench and he kept muttering about the inefficiency of the place while rubbing his ankle. Funny this – and I found this out much later – he was an attendant at the hospital. Well, my dad and I asked someone to get the thing cleaned up as it was health hazard. We got my meds and then he went on his way to get his hair trimmed and I walked back home.

Guess I’ll go back to work tomorrow. It hadn’t seemed likely that I would be able to get back until Monday or Tuesday but I’m bored now. And I’m ok, just as long as my wheezing doesn’t act up.

Love Your Favourite Blogs

Hey there dudes & dudettes, chicks & chickaletts…….or whatever crude form of pseudo hip greeting that was popular in the 80s that you would prefer.

Meleah has, in her loving post, talked about the recent awards that her admirers had bestowed upon her but which she only got round to acknowledging now. I was one of them; I had awarded her the ‘Perfect Blend of Friendship’ award a while back. There were a few others that she has won from her readers.

In return Meleah has awarded all the awards to her favourite daily blog reads, which includes me. She asked that we each pick our fav or all if we so chose to. I won’t be greedy. I’ve chosen this one since I know that Meleah loves my blog. She has too, or else she wouldn’t be my #1 commentor! Love you Meleah!

And oh I would like to pass on the award to Kikolani, Mack D Male, Jennifer @ Work In Progress, Christelle & Dutch Blitz