Arsenal Lose To Villa

That’s it. I give up. 4th loss in the league this season. Arsenal lose to Aston Villa 0-2 at the Emirates Stadium. Arsense Wenger – wake up; your team is not good enough. You squad is not strong enough and you have way too many players who play the same style and at the same level. They will not win us the league; they will not win us the Champions League either. They are losing to teams that they should be defeating. They are making me bored.

Seriously, at times Arsenal can be boring when they pass & pass and try to find the way in and don’t score even a single goal and the other team then goes on to win. It’s pathetic. But then our squad is not as strong a line-up as a couple of years ago. Wenger thinks he can win trophies with players that aren’t that good enough to win games against teams like Hull or Stoke. And Villa is actually a good team.

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quarantine movie download So either we go out and spend money on buying stars who are good enough for the name of Arsenal or we sell a few of our current crop and buy better, or we fight it out and finish 4th, 5th or even 6th! And better not buy just Frenchmen. Enough of them already in the team.

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