The Yellow Brat’s Voice

Even after 18 plus of watching the series and being a big fan of the Simpsons, something or the other always astounds me about the show. First of all, before I go into the topic for today, let me just say that despite all the text stating that the Simpson‘s best season were the 1st 10 or whatever, I would still prefer to watch this show than most that are currently being shown on tv.

Ok, now to the fact that I just read – I always knew that Bart was actually voiced by a lady actress but what I didn’t know which other characters owe their voice to her. Nancy Cartwright, pictured here along with the drawing that made her famous, also does the voice for Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Kearney & Todd Flanders!

Ofcourse she’s always been known more for El Barto. However, I remember how much of a bummer it was for me as a teenager to find out that the michievious Bart was voiced by a woman. It actually sounds cool to me now. Eat my shorts aye carumba!

Black Ice – AC/DC

After a gap of 8 years (mighty long even for battled hardened veterans like themselves), AC/DC returns with a bloack of hard rocking anthemns titled Black Ice. It’s the 15th studio album put out by Australia’s finest & most beloved exports, produced by Brendan O’Brien and released in October. AC/DC were working on the album as early as January 2006, but it got delayed because of an injury to bassist Cliff Williams and a change of record labels to Sony Music, and in turn Columbia Records. Recorded in Vancouver, Canada, Black Ice is a great success, having sold around 1,762,000 units in its first week, shipping 5,000,000 copies worldwide. The album went #1in 29 different countries, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and United States. In its first week, it sold 784,000 copies in the US alone, with it receiving a three times platinum certification in Australia and selling upwards of 110,000 in the UK.

There’s something to be said for sticking to your guns and never changing. Right from the start Rock n’Roll Train fills the speakers with fat guitar riffs from brothers & guitarists Angus & Malcolm Young while drummer Phil Rudd pounds swinging drum fills one after the other with consummate ease. Skies On Fire, Stormy May Day & Black Ice have some kind of meteorological connection in their lyrics. Big Jack is about a tough guy who liked to party with pretty girls, fight and play poll.

Anything Goes sounds like it’s a song about a partying groupie. War Machine, Smash N’Grab & Spoiling For A Fight follow similar beats & riffs and could fit in any buddy cop / fun filled action thriller soundtrack. Wheels is about driving fast with a woman who is hot for some action. Decibel, She Likes Rock n’Roll, Money Made, Rock n’Roll Dream & Rocking All The Way

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is all out what the 5 Aussies love best – rock n’roll their style and the dream of playing across the globe in front of thousands in areanas every night. Whew! That’s 15 songs with great guitar riffs and drums. Brian Johnson sings a little more restraint than usual, as expected as they years catch up with him, but the effect is still the same.

This is probably one of their best albums ever and certainly their best since 1990’s The Razor’s Edge. They have made a solid comeback, won a few more thousands of new fans, will make a lot of dough with the world tour that supports this album. And they have shone the kids what it means to have staying power. So sticking to your guns and having an instantly recognizable sound is not too bad at all.

Here’s the video of the first single Black Ice. For those about to rock, I salute you.

Serenity On A Sunday

I dediced I didn’t want to go out and enjoy this beautiful Sunday and instead want to relax at home. I tried watching Serenity

for the 4th time last night but was falling asleep and so I stopped watching at around 30 mins in. One of the effect of the viral fever & medicines is that I am almost always sleepy. So I slept for about 8 hours. This morning I watched the rest of that great movie, which is one of my all-time favourites. People if you haven’t watched it yet, please go and buy the dvd; you won’t regret it.

I think my mother are going out to some temple and then go to an exhibition. My dad will be going out to the club along with sister & her family perhaps. I’m just going to nap in the afternoon or select a movie or two to watch while I rest in bed.