Weather I Don't Like

A couple of days back at work after my fever and what do I get? A bad cold!

A cold that wraps itself around you head and makes you want to do nothing but sleep. Makes every sneeze feel like it’s the end of you nose & lungs as you know them. And I blame the weather.

It’s hot at times, cloudy and somewhat cool at times and it didn’t rain when it was supposed to. Add to this, when I step out of the hot sun, I go into the air-conditioned confines of my office and this sudden drop in temperature is not helping. The evenings are hot & sweaty. I hate this weather.

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Get me outta here!

Blackwood Farm

download two can play that game Published in 2002, Blackwood Farm isone of the more recent books written by author Anne Rice as part of the ‘Vampire Chrnonicles”. The main character here is Tarquin ‘Quinn’ Blackwood, heir of the Blackwood farm & estate of one of the oldest & most powerful New Orleans families. Quinn, who was recently turned into a vampire, is being haunted by a doppelganger spirit, Goblin, who looks just like him but appears only to a few. He seeks out the legendary vampire Lestat De Lioncourt to aid him in defeating Gobin. As the story develops, narrated by Quinn, we learn of his birth, childhood and his falling in love with Mona, a witch from the Mayfair clan. We also learn of how he gets turned into a vampire. Finally Quin learns from his unloving mother that Goblin is in fact the spirit of his dead twin, Garwin, who died a few days after being born. The child did not leave this world; he is bound to Tarquin and is relentlessly jealous to experience what Tarquin does. Lestat asks the powerful witch, Merrick, to fashion a ritual, using the corpse of the dead twin, to exorcise Goblin. During the ceremony, Merrick joins herself with the flame and the corpse. She carries her spirit and that of the child to the Light and perishes. Lestat is forlorn at the loss of Merrick but he has a new vampire companion now in the form of Quinn.

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