That Is Not India

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One of the things that annoys me is that newspapers, magazines & online sites in India take a small poll in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore & Calcutta and the results are meant to represent the whole of India. It’s like taking a few hundred answers to represent a billion strong nation. And the rest of the nation is completely ignored. They want to pass those answers off as what India is, likes, does not like or thinks!

And another thing is that the answers are so cliched, just like a dumb, stupid, mind-numbing Bollywood movie. You just know that the answers are so fake. Show a camera or a journalist to these idiots in these big cities and everyone becomes a fake! The worst is when they get opinions from models & actors and show them to be representative of India. This country is not that easy to understand. So be yourself and dig deeper. A whole lot deeper!!

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Girl Murders Abusive Parents

What makes a person go off? Here’s a story about Priyanka Singh who could no longer take the abuse and the insults and just snapped and murdered her parents.

She was born & raised in Meerut to a father who suspected his wife of having an extra-marital affair and believed that Priyanka wasn’t his child but the outcome of that affair. Growing up, her father vented his anger & frustrations onto his daughter. Even her brother taunted her about being illegimate and asked his friend to sleep with Priyanka. The father otherwise ignored the girl and named his son as the sole inheritor of the family estate.

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download murder by decree dvd 25 year old Priyanka became a beauty contestant and was named Miss Meerut in 2005. Winning the paegent must have seemed like freedom for her and she tried to find a new home, along with her friend Anju, away from the taunts. But even during apartment hunting, she was molested twice by people who were trying to find her a home. Her parents made her discontinue her studies in interior design just because they disapproved it.

On November 10, in a fit of rage apparently brought on by an argument, suffocated her 65 year old mother to death and stabbed her 70 year old father when he tried to intervene. Anju was also with her when this happened. The two girls have been taken to police custody and an investigation is in progress. Meanwhile, the National Commission for Women have sent a notice to the police for not heeding to Priyanka’s complaints regarding exploitation at home.

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