Notes For 20th November

  • It seems like the recession has hit every industry and it could get even worse. The automobile industry seems to be hanging on by the skin of their teeth. GM, Ford, Chrysler – these are massive giants in business! And they are faced with lots of cut backs and will have to let some employees go.
  • It rained a whole lot today late afternoon – but we didn’t know about it! Sheltered inside a closed air-conditioned enviornment leaves you in the dark. I wish I had known; I would have stood in the car park for sometime.
  • Idiotic project is pissing me off – some numbnuts do a dumb project and expect you to do all the dirty work. Sig Sigma is a shame in India. Everything is just at face value. They are so stupid.
  • Nickelback’s latest album, Dark Horse, was released 2 days ago. The first single is really catchy and it’s already making waves.
  • Guns n’Roses long awaited Chinese Democracy will hit the world in 3 days time! At long last! But for the purists at heart, it’s GnR only in name. With only Axl as the original member and Dizzy Reed who was there from 1991, this version of the band will have to prove themselves.