Where Have All The Floppy Disks Gone?

Toronto Mike‘s post about floppy drives made me reminisce about the handy storage system of yore (actually just a few years ago). Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago when we all shared & copied data in these square shaped disks? Now they are all but obsolete.

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I remember having a bunch of these with me at home and I would take them with me when I would go to surf the net at the internet parlours near my house in Thrikkakara. Once I was done for the day, I would copy all the images & files that I had downloaded from the net into said floppies and once I reached home, I would copy them into my hard disk. I even copied a few mp3s – with the aid of a small software called MS Split, that lets you cut up files into floppy size bits for easy copying of data.

Man that seems like it was so long back; I don’t think I have used a floppy since 2003. I don’t think I have even bothered with the floppy drive of my current pc which I got in September 2006! I must still have a few of them disks lying around in a carton somewhere here but ofcourse I will never ever use them again.

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The Lousy Weather In My Hometown

download gran torino dvd My cough is a little better and my cold too. I feel like sleeping the entire day today with the hopes that I will wake up tomorrow feeling like a new man. But I can’t and shouldn’t miss work today. We are preparing for a couple of reviews and plans for the end of the year to showcase for the 28th & 1st.

It’s windy & quite a bit chilly in the morning and the air is dry. Works wonders with my hair too! It’s sunny in the afternoon and drizzles a bit during the evening. The evenings are a whole lot warmer and sometimes hot as the day winds up into midnight. Isn’t it obvious why people are falling sick?

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Update: I did have to take a sick leave today as my chest infection was a little bad. I’m in my bed, resting and watching movies.